Highly Effective Students

Alize C

My Habits Now

I am a hardworking student

I am responsible

I am a helpful person

I am a celibate student

I am determined

Top five satudy habits

1. Manage Your Time Wisely-I need to work on my work every time I have free time .

2.make a better way to study- I need to help myself focus on studying and find a quite place

3. Catch Some Zzz’s.- I should go to sleep earlier than falling asleep @ 2 in the morning on school night.

4.Ask Questions- I should ask more questions on the stuff I don't understand .

5.Study Outside- I need to work on studying more after school when I have the free time to do so.

Top three

My future


I want to be a lawyer in New York.

I really like being interested in law school.