Panther Note

April 29, 2016

Jaguar on Supervision

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Fifth Grade Transition Lunch

KUDOS and thank you to Janice and Tina for carrying off an exceptional fifth grade transition lunch. Early buses, surprising reactions and a great tour made for a great start for our future Panthers. Well done counselors!
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Wednesday Afternoon

Be aware that district architects will be walking the perimeter of PSM and the courtyard this coming Wednesday midday to afternoon. They will check in the office, but should not be in any classrooms specifically.

Textbook Discards - Summer 2016

The spreadsheet for Textbook Discards will be coming out this week by email to your PLC Leader. Please plan to have submitted the following information on the spreadsheet as a PLC by Tuesday, May 10th.

  • Quantity of books
  • Subject
  • Publisher
  • ISBN Number
  • Grade Level
  • Edition

Storing location will be completed by Heath

Congratulations Sunflower Ambassadors 2016

Congratulations to Monica Feuerborn, nominated by Ellie Graham

Congratulations to Jack Marko, nominated by Mac Demo.

The Sunflower Assembly was held Friday morning in the seventh grade pod. Kudos and congratulations.

The recipients will be honored in the Fall at the Sheraton at the Sunflower Breakfast.

Computer Updates

  • please leave computers docked and on overnight May 2 - 3.

Appraisal Appointments are Arriving

  • Please be sure to have uploaded your Feedback Survey and updated your Multiple Measures prior to this meeting.

Sixth Grade Update for May 2

Important Dates and Reminders

· TCB is held Monday, Tuesday (except Early Release Days), Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 in the 6th grade computer lab. There is a late bus that will bring the students home on Wednesdays.

· Reading MAP Test will take place on Wednesday (Hours 1, 3, 5, 7) or Thursday (Hours 2, 4, 6, 8)

Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:



· WSR and skill review

· WSR AOL on Tuesday, May 3


· WSR and skill review

· Graphing equations

· WSR AOL on Tuesday, May 3


· Continue with literature circle discussions and activities

· Review and discuss prepositional phrases

· Literature Role Sheets for Discussion #3 due Friday


· Human and natural hazard impacts on our world

Social Studies

· Continuing Life in Medieval Towns Unit

· Block Day: Black Plague Simulation

· Life in Medieval Towns AOL on Friday, May 6


· IR verb homework due


· Beginning Unit 3A and vocabulary

· Verb focus: avoir

· Grammar focus: prepositions

Seventh Grade Update for May 2

Social Studies: Kansas Chapter 6 will be the focus for the week. Students will receive a study guide and the AOL for Chapter 4-6 will be May 3rd. Most daily assignments will be completed in class.


Reading: Final Literature Circle Meeting Monday and Tuesday. MAP Testing (Block Days) Wednesday and Thursday.

ELA: Continue Poetry with emphasis on Meter, Rhyme Scheme, and Poetic Devices.


Next week: MAP MATH TESTING will be Wednesday, May 11, and Thursday, May 12. These will be block days. Hours 1, 3, 5, & 7 will meet on Wednesday. Hours 2, 4, 6, & 8 will meet on Thursday.

Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic: Tuesday, May 3, will be an AOL over circumference and area of circles, surface area and volume of cylinders, and volume of cones and spheres. Our new unit will be transformational geometry. Much of the work for this unit will be completed here at school with the software,

Geometer’s Sketchpad. This program is not accessible from home.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic: This week’s topic and the remainder of the quarter will be solving algebraic equations using the symbolic method. Investigation 3 is the foundation of next year’s algebra unit. We will use pouches and coins to begin the thought process of how to solve equations and then transition to the symbolic method. This will be challenging as students have to remember all of the rules of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers and apply this to the process of solving equations. The last AOL of the school year will be Wednesday, May 18.


Students are researching niche, predator/prey relationships, symbiosis, food chains, energy pyramids, landscape, and climate of each organism they have chosen. This will prepare us for the work we will do on our zoo field trip this Friday May 6.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

Students will read an article on energy drinks. Also, they will watch a video on what they want to do with their lives which is an introduction to the career exploration they will do next year in eighth grade.

Eighth Grade Update for May 2

8th Grade Finals: Tuesday, May 17 (hours 1,3,5) & Wednesday, May 18 (hours 2,4,6)

Cookout Volunteers Needed: We are still in need of several more cookout volunteers for May 13 (10:45am-12:15pm)- reply to Mr. Burton with “Cookout Volunteer” in the subject heading and he will get back to you with more details.

(Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

Social Studies:

Begin our Civil Rights Movement lessons: share principles of nonviolence that was used during the Civil Rights and the obstacles that activists faced.


Students will discuss elements of poetry, further analyze features of poetry, as well as write some personal poetry. MAP assessments on Wednesday and Thursday, so we will be block scheduling.


Integrated Algebra

Students will be solving multi-step equations, including those with no solutions and infinite solutions. Target Zero 24 will be due Monday, May 2. (last one:)

Integrated Algebra - Hour 2

Students will be finishing up unit over solving system of equations. There will be an AOL this week (tentatively: Tuesday, May 3). Then students will begin working with linear inequalities. Target Zero 24 will be due Monday, May 2. (last one:)


Students will be finishing up the beginning part of the quadratic unit. There will be an AOL this week (tentatively: Tuesday, May 3). Then students will begin solving quadratic equations using other methods than factoring. Target Zero 24 will be due Monday, May 2. (last one:)


We have transitioned into forces related to gravitational and magnetic fields. Another lab and AFL will be given on these topics.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

Students will be working on a team building activity and on study skills, but also taking time to organize lockers and materials.

New Numbers Mean New PLC Configurations

Thank you for looking BIG picture and at the heart of what is best for our kids in your support of the upcoming Master Schedule. Stacey has worked hard to balance history, preference and what is best for all kids alongside the counseling team.

Courtyard Remains Open to Eighth Grade

Future decisions about consistent supervision and grade level access will be made over the Summer and Fall.

Early Release - May 10

  • PAT Schedule
  • Afternoon PD:

-------End of Year Process and Feedback

-------Vote on Flex Day 2017

-------Student Survey Feedback for Middle School of the Future

Great Feedback ... Survey Sity

Many surveys focused on students have rolled out this week. Please remember to complete the Citizenship Survey designed for staff next week.

Information about the student's perspective about Middle Schools of the Future in BV was completed this week with great success. Information will be out at the next board meeting and again shared with staff on the Early Release of the 10th.

Connectivity at PSM was also completed by all PSM students this week. Data and information will be used to plan for Summer Conference and beyond as part of our strong Goal II work at the Star.

Finally, Farewell prep work was completed by the eighth grade. Much appreciated.

MAP Schedule

Print and review both the A/B and block configuration schedules for MAP. With multiple events and concerts this schedule is fairly detailed. Please post and communicate to your students as you receive it and it is placed on Google Drive.

Eighth Grade Finals are in the Calendar

  • Tuesday, May 17 (1,3,5)
  • Wednesday, May 18 (2,4,6)

May 20th Schedule

7:50 - Yearbooks dispersed and signed in classrooms

8:15 - Grade POD yearbook signing

9:15 - Prep rooms for closing

9:30 - Talent Show

10:30 - dismissal

Coming up!

  • 02 May: BVEF Grant Presentation. Thank you to BVEF for continued support.
  • 03 May: PSM Community Service Awards. (9a-10a)
  • 04-05 May: MAP Reading
  • 05 May: Track at PRMS.
  • 06 May: PTO Meeting (9a)
  • 06 May: 7th Fieldtrip (all day)
  • 06 May: Eighth Grade Drama Spring Play (2p-2:30)
  • 06 May: BV Service Awards Banquet at Hilltop. (12p-4)
  • 09 May: Spring Choir Concert (Sperry)
  • 10 May: Early Release - PAT Schedule
  • 11 May: Spring Orchestra Concert (Sperry)
  • 11 May: MAP Math
  • 12 May: MAP Math
  • 12 May: Spring Band Concert (Sigg)
  • 13 May: Three Guys and Grill at the Star