You wanted to know about me?

Here are some facts!!!

Jade Sunshine East

My Background

  • I was born in Kilgore, Texas on March 22, 2002
  • My parents are Daisy and Brian
  • I was born deaf and wear hearing aids to help me

Things I love to do

  • Write
  • Dance
  • Be outside in the Forest
  • Play with Kids

My favorites

Color: Sky Blue

Subject: English

Place: Home

Book: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Movie: The Lion King

Animal: Cheetah

My favorite singer

My favorite singer would have to be Taylor Swift. She is a huge inspiration to me and I can relate to almost every one of her songs, for instance, her song "superman" which is linked above.

My Best Friend

Despite the fact that I have moved around through 5 different states, there is only one person that made a huge difference in my life. My best friend Kiera. We were thrown into the same soccer team in 1st grade and from then on we were friends and continued to play soccer for 4 more years together. Then went to school together and became closer
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My Pets

I have 2 cats,

Annabell, a very fluffy and loving cat who loves people and new incomers

And Gasden, a silly boy who will always make you laugh at his sudden reactions.

My Brothers

  • River
  • Pavan
  • Kai
  • Toby
  • Eli