Bal Gosal

Supporting the Conservatives Party!

A Little Bit About Bal Gosal

Bal Gosal was born on May 4th, 1960 in India. Bal Gosal has got the Bachelor of Science degree from the DAV College. He has been to the Punjab University in India in 1981. After he passed his University, Mr. Gosal decided to immigrate to Canada, settling in Northern British Columbia. He became a member of Parliament in May 2011.

Bal Gosal Meeting with Stephan Harper

Bal Gosal's Career

Bal Gosal had an amazing career in the Insurance and Financial Planning company. In 2008, Bal Gosal decided to open his own own insurance business in Brampton. Bal Gosal is now running a Federal campaign. He is currently running in Brampton Centre.

  • He worked for Goodison Insurance and Financial Services
  • He used to coach a youth Brampton Soccer team
  • He worked for Rai Grant Insurance Brokers and much more

Our Promises!

  1. If Steven Harper stays as prime minister he will give 1.3 million jobs by 2020. You can only trust Steven Harper with giving this many jobs. His government has lead the strongest economic growth in the past decade.
  2. Our children are in-danger. There are many horrible incidents going on in our country. Only a re-elected Conservative government will make fighting crime, protecting children and families and making our communities safe, their first priority.
  3. Today, our army forces have a very small budget, and the Conservatives government have a way to solve that problem. The Conservatives government promises to boost up the budget for army forces to $75 million dollars.


Overall, I think that re-electing the Conservative government will make Canada a much better place to live in. They have made many promises to make Canada better in many different ways. We can not let Canada get in the wrong hands, people we don't trust, and clearly, we can all trust Stephan Harper because of his experience and promises to make Canada a better place to live in.

Bal Gosal's Contact Information

If you are interested, you may go on Bal Gosal's website and donate, Thanks!