Religious News

By Burke Bloom and Graham Gotlieb

The truth of god

During the Hammurabi's Code, if someone was supposed guilty, there were consequences. In this religion, the belief was that the Babylonian god decided if they are going to "live or die"! Also, the suspect had to be alive, or dead in an hour time base.

Recently we have found this lady who was guilty of killing her friend Kurdftgesh, so she got thrown in the Euphrates River. After an hour, everyone thought the god killed her. So everyone ignored about the woman; until two days later, this 6 year-old boy found her. Now people are confused if the Babylon god is a fake. If so, life will be so different without a god, and more disasters will happen on a daily bases. We don't know what to do about this, and now there's been riots right out of my house. Is it true!!

Nergal Assyrian God

In Assyria there is a god named Nergal who protects Assyria from other religions and city-states. This is a god that is half man and half lion which is supposed to scare people away of Assyria. This statue is on the outside of Assyria, and when other people come, they think it's a real, scary creature.

Priests as they cure

Priests were the doctors of Mesopotamia. They helped save peoples every day. If there weren't any priests, there would be more lives lost each day.

We talked to a priest named !xible and he gave us some information he does.

"Life in the ziggurat can be very hard sometimes. Between caring for people I still have ceremonies to rule. With all of these people to save it's hard work, but it makes mee feel happy. Thank you for talking with me, but I have to rush and go to a ceremony!"

Babylonian god list:














We got footage of the ziggurat in Ur. This ziggurat is where the priests live and where they hold the religious ceremonies.

Asshur, the symbol of Assyria

Asshur is the father of the assyrians. He is known as the "great god, king of all gods," and the Assyrian symbol is now after, him.


Every month in Mesopotamia they have religious ceremonies on the moon. There are six important factors that the festivals that they have are:
waxing Moon, which means abundance and growth;
waning Moon, which means decline, conservation, and festivals of the underworld;
the phase of the annual agricultural cycle;
equinoxes and solstices of the solar year;
the mythos of the City and its divine Patrons;
the success of the reigning Monarch;


In Mesopotamia they had invented medicine. When when they invented medicine, people actually got cured from diseases and other things. Priests still cured the people, but hey didn't have to pray to god for the people to get better anymore.

The famous Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is a very famous king. He is from Uruk, Sumer, and he was such a good king that everyone thought Gilgamesh was a god. Also, there was an epic on him called " The Epic of Gilgamesh," and it's about him being so powerful and strong. People believe the epic is real, but it's actually fake.