Hernando de soto

An explorer who wanted gold for him self

Early Life

As a boy Hernando De Soto saw sailors return from far away and wanted to do that yet his parents disagreed they wanted him to be a layer but he wanted to follow his dream. Later he trained to fight and look for gold and soon he went away with other men later in his life he ran into a army and they were called the Pozzor army. The leader of the army told de soto to lead other group of people in the army to find gold but they bummed into the Incas the Incas thought that de soto and his men were gods because they had never seen horse with silver feet.


As the years went on they fought and fought. Later de soto returned to Spain and he was rich and had a good life , he also had a good wife and a good home. Soon de soto grew tired of having the same life over and over again. So he asked king Charles the first if he could rule Florida he said yes if he could clear the Incas out of that part. He said he would but only with help of the most fierce men-in Spain the king agreed. So than de soto took the man and went to Florida they landed in the swamps they fought the Incas off and than he got to do what he wanted

End life

Hernando de Soto tried to go to Spain but a storm hit and hernando de soto got ill and died his men named the river Mississippi.