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We Ship Turtles

At United Turtles Services we provide the turtle owning community with fast, affordable and environmental friendly shipping of turtles internationally. United Turtle Service makes you the consumer a priority where other companies neglect you. Become a part of the United Turtle Services and revceive your turtles on time.

Box Turtle

This common box turtles are our most common turtle to ship. To safely ship these small and cute turtles the flat rate begins at $49.99. WIth this purchase you are ensured that your turtle will receive the tender and safe care during its travel.
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Snapping Turtle

This angry little turtle is also another common turtle we ship here at United Turtle Services. This turtle is common with household turtle pet owners across the nation. Due its aggressive nature and extra care needed the flat rate to ship this turtle is $79.99
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Leatherback Turtle

These extraordinary creatures are also available to ship internationally. They are extremely non adaptive to new environments so you are ensured we will take the neccessary steps to provide for their saftey. The flat rate to ship these turtles is $99.99.
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United Turtle Service is the premier turtle shipping service by providing the highest quality in turtle relocation across the globe.