3G News

1st Edition, September 8-19, 2014

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Tatem for Back to School Night. It is wonderful for me to put faces to names, and the children are always thrilled to know that we now know one another.

Announcements and Coming Up...

I will be sending home a Scholastic Book Order on the first full week of each new month. If you'd like to order books for your child, you can return the completed order form to me, or you can order online with our class code: LFFW7. The students are always excited to see the bonus books we receive thanks to the points we earn from your orders. Thank you!

Self Selected Words... At Back to School Night I forgot to explain the "SSWs" that children will have in addition to their spelling HW beginning next week. On Monday, when children receive their spelling work for the week, they will also be choosing one word they need to know how to spell in their personal life. It could be their street name, their middle name, a favorite word they like to say, etc. These words should be practiced along with their other words and they will be assessed on Friday.

Tuesday, September 23rd is Picture Day. If you'd like to order prints of your child, please return the forms back to school before the 23rd. Our pictures are scheduled in the morning, right before PE.

There is no school on Thursday, September 25 in observance of Rosh Hashanah

A Glance into 3G

The students combined their love for Spanish class and ipads to create a useful and entertaining photo dictionary with Senor Bayona's vocabulary workout moves:
A big part of 3rd grade math is manipulating numbers in a variety of ways. In math, we reviewed "Name Boxes" and shared our mathematical thinking in coming up with different equations to reach the same number:
Big image
The students got their hands dirty in science this week as they dissected a bean to observe the embryo and cotyledon. They used their observation skills to compare a dry bean and a bean that had been soaked in water for several days.
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