Gaijin, American Prisoner of War

Made by Jack Hart, Book written by Matt Faulkner

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A name given to him by others, Gaijin is a innocent kids with a certain pressure on him with his mysterious father and a life that has been turned around after the bombing in Pearl Harbor. He is the protagonist of the story and the journey of his life in prison camp.

He is sensitive and protective of himself and others and has a hard time getting along with others. In many examples at the camp he stands up for a little kid and his dad’s name. He is sensitive about himself and sometimes loses his temper with the other boys and does not storms off when a group of boys throw rocks at a old man who befriends Gaijin.

In a scene at the camp Gaijin stands up for a little boy against a gang. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He is usually getting mad at the other boys, some instances, (“Look at this! somebody messed the whole fence” I’m gonna get those punks”). Even though he does have problems at the camp he still tries to not let it bother him.


After the bombing all Japanese people were looked at as enemies, kids to the elderly and were taken from their homes. They were brought to prison camps, separated from their homes and families, as we see Gaijin being taken from his home. There was a little amount of room for everyone and people were forced to live in tiny miskept shacks. People were treated differently and lived in fear. Maintenance was pour and many people died of lack of nutrition.
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In 1945 it was dangerous to be a Japanese in America. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor all Japanese were looked as the enemy, young and old and sent to prison camps. Gaijin The main character, was one of them, shocked even though he knew people were treating him differently. Gaijin the protagonist in the book written by Matt Faulkner portrays a boy who is being taken into custody with his mother of possibly of being a spy. The book takes place in San Francisco just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1945, on a remote island.

All of the main characters in the story like in most books had a problem but instead they had the same problems, they were imprisoned for something they hadn't done. Character v.s. Society was the main conflict, the American government captured all Japanese citizens in the states possible. This was a big problem for foreigners from Japan, this also creating a huge conflict and the plot for the story. His problem with the people around make him prone to lots of conflicts with other groups.

This paragraph is about the climax of the story where the main character does something exciting or a huge problem occurs. He snaps many times with so many things that are going on in his life, his father, his mother, gangs, and work. He is so stressed that he even tries to escape, and after endless times of getting in trouble from the guards he breaks into anger more. This trait is seen throughout the book in various scenes. He has hallucinations of his father and other situations where is under pressure.

Time Line

World Changing History

  1. August 6, 1945, America ends World War II with the nuclear bombs, hitting two cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  2. November 22, 1963, President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Oswald
  3. August 28, 1963, MLK gave his famous speech in Washington D.C, “I have a Dream”
  4. July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon, mission, Apollo
  5. November 9, 1989, The Berlin wall separating the east and west (Allies and Communist) is destroyed
  6. September 11, 2001, Two terrorist hijacked and flew two planes into the Twin Towers killing thousands
  7. November 4, 2008, Barack Obama is voted as president making him the first African American president in history