The Mangus Messenger


Dear Parents

Happy weekend! I hope you had a wonderful week...we sure did. We were very busy preparing for our Showcase, figuring out how to create equivalent expressions, and learning how to greet each other in Spanish. Our reading groups hit their Team Celebration Points goal and we got to see our Buddies! The students are getting into their classroom jobs, asking terrific questions, and encouraging each other to do their best. As you can see, success everywhere you look.

Report Card Note

The report cards are being sent/accessed electronically. If you require a paper copy, please contact the front office to make your request.

6th Grade Showcase

Our 6th Grade Showcase is on Tuesday from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. The students are putting on the show, so they have been asked to be in the classroom for the entire time. They are welcome to stay with me after school to set the room up or they can go home and return again at 4:00 pm. Either way, parents are welcome to come and go because we know that some of you need to be able to visit your other children's classrooms. Please plan on picking up your students at the end of the Showcase. Let me know if you have a special circumstance, so that we can make sure our booths are occupied at all times.

Reading - Lunchtime Reward

We hit our Team Celebration Points Goal this week (their teacher is doing MUCH better awarding these precious points) and the students got to vote on their reward. They chose to have lunch in the classroom and it was fascinating to watch them interact. Between Pokemon card discussions and talk about friends, they all commented how calm and quiet it was. Only one was worried about making it to recess on time. I laughed!

Student-Led Conferences

Conferences are coming up next month and the students are leading them. Please send me an email with any concerns or questions that you have, so that we make sure to address them in our conference.

Questions to Ask

I like this section because it give you a chance to engage with your students and talk about what they have been learning in class. If they don't know the answer (I've given them), please discuss the answer and then ask them again at a later time. If they have trouble, don't push it, just let me know. We are focusing on giving examples and facts to support our answers. So, anytime you ask a question, please require an example or a fact of support to back up their answer.

  • Explain the difference between a numerical expression and an algebraic expression. (algebraic expressions have at least one variable and one operation)
  • Why do people move? (remind them to use key vocabulary - migration, nomadic, traditionally, ethnic, etc.) Migration due to vegetation for animals/seasons, war, poverty, better life, etc. We have read about a lot of reasons, so be open to answers.
  • What are the real-life connections to the Associative, Commutative, and Distributive Properties (how do we remember them)? You should hear groups of people/who we associate with/parentheses, moving around/going from one place to another, and giving everyone in the group the same thing...or something similar based on how they chose to remember it. ;)
  • Describe the Financial Literacy unit so far (classroom economy). We have a checkbook and bank account register and we are earning deposits (credits) and fines (debits). It is part of our positive behavior management system.

Have a terrific weekend!