A Christmas Carol Background

Courtney Bourassa

Charles Dickens

~Charles Dickens is a very popular novelist. He had a reporters eye for daily life and unmatched powers of character creation.

~Charles had ten children and a wife named Catherine.

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A Christmas Carol

~A Christmas Carol is about Ebenezer Serage from a mean-spiritual miser to a soul of generosity.

~A Christmas Carol was published in December 1843.

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The Victorian Era

~Britain became the largest empire, it covered about 1/5 of Earths land.

~There were few schools for girls until the end of the era. Boys were sent to boarding schools.

~This era lasted sixty-three years.

~Children were forced to work in factories and stories in harsh conditions. They were paid very little for doing this.

~There was lots of poverty, lack of, or an insufficient amount of, the primary needs( food, shelter, clothing) in the Victorian Era.

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