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Keep up the Hard Work!

We know life get's really busy this time of year! We want parents and student's to be involved, but we know so much is happening. We have decided to send homework for only Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of November. Enjoy your activities with your family!

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is almost here! We will be out of school November 26th-28th. Please join us for a delicious lunch in our cafeteria on the 25th. Our lunch time is at 11:45.

Don't Forget to Vote!

We are learning about elections and are voting this week for 3 positions: President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Although this will be a mock election, it is a great way to teach our students about our voting system within our government. We will also be learning about local and state elections. On the car ride home this week, ask your student who will win the vote and why! If possible, take you child to the polls with you and discuss the local elections!
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The First Thanksgiving

In Social Studies this week, we are reviewing the first Thanksgiving. Watch this video with your child and discuss the events. We are also learning about important events with the Native Americans in American history, such as the Trail of Tears. We will be choosing tribe to make informational posters in our classroom.Encourage your student to choose a tribe ahead of time! This project is very enriching if we can get our kids involved!
(1) We Shall Remain - After the Mayflower