Mystery Skype

Go Around the World from the Comfort of your Own Classroom

What is Mystery Skype?

Mystery Skype is an educational game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms on Skype. The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions.

It's suitable for all age groups and can be used to teach subjects like geography, history, languages, mathematics and science.
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How do I do it?

To understand Mystery Skype, here is a great article that explains it better than I ever could! Take the time to read it and explore the links. Then if you think Mystery Skype is right for you, continue onward into the challenge!

Ok. So you read the article....

Now think about your class.

There are three ways to play Mystery Skype. I recommend the 20 questions for elementary age but you may find the other two options viable depending on your intent with the Skype session.

Have you logged into Mystery Skype? You can use your Twitter account to log in (one less password!) Have you search for someone somewhere you think might make a good Skype for your class?

This challenge is not easy. It will required some dedicated time and effort. Feel free to collaborate with others on your grade level or others in the school who have an interest in Mystery Skyping. You can work together and still both get credit!
Mystery Skype: Connecting Classrooms Around The World

I thought Skype was on my laptop! This is the iPad Challenge!

It is on your laptop. And this is the iPad Challenge. Skype has an app! Here's the thing. Don't get bogged down in "I have to do this one on my iPad." It may very well be easier to do on your laptop and if that works better for you, go for it! My goal for you is to give you a global connection to other educators and classes. How you get there - it's up to you!

What about FaceTime?

Face Time is great! It does the same thing as Skype as far as video calling. But last time I checked (which was right now), there isn't an educator's program to use Face Time an ed tech tool to help promote your class into a more global world. We want to get out of our box, out of our comfort zone and give our kids a more well rounded exponential experience. Mystery Skype is one way to do it.


Hop on Twitter and #MysterySkype if you aren't quite sold on it. It's interesting to see who's out there looking to learn about you!

How do I get credit?

The obvious answer here is Mystery Skype!

You are welcome to use the library's big screen to do your MysterySkype (just remember Book Fair is there this week!) or you can Skype in your classroom.

Just let Kelly or Karen know when and who you are Skyping with to get credit. We will want to pop in if we can!