The Real Jason Glenn

Based off of the novel "The Other Wes Moore"


Hi, I am Jason Glenn and this flyer is showing/telling how i want my life to pan out. Just know that everybody has goals in life, and dreams. Just because someone isn't in a good point in their life, doesn't mean their future doesn't hold success. #DreamBig

Graduate College

  • Graduate From UNCW with degrees of physical trainer and architecture
  • Find a day job of being and physical trainer.
  • Evening job being a architect

Settling Down

  • This is where i come to a stable point in my life and start to look for a love one.
  • Meanwhile I get a HUGE! raise in my job of being a physical trainer
  • My architect job, business is BOOMING!


  • I eventually find the love of my life and we get married.
  • We don't want kids until at least 6 years after marriage.
  • So in that 6 years course of time me and my wife go and travel the world. visiting place like Tokyo, Hawaii, Italy, Paris, Bahamas, and other tropical resorts.
18 Reasons Not to Have Kids


  • After 7 and a half years we decide to have a child and it's a baby girl which I've always wished for.
  • After our baby girl turns 1 we have a boy.
  • Before me and my wife knew it, 18-19 years later we are sending our kids off to college.

The After Math

  • So after putting the kids into college me and my wife traveled the world once again.
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