5th Grade Newsletter

for the week of May 23 - May 26


Reading— Students will share the knowledge gained through the research process by presenting their “Wax Museum” speech.

Math— Students will continue working on and finish their "Party Planner" Project, completing a specific part of the project each day.

Writing— Students will write an expository piece.

ScienceStudents will be able to construct appropriate simple graphs, tables, maps, and charts using technology, including computers, to organize, examine, and evaluate information.

Social Studies Students will display their mastery of this year’s social studies concepts through their performance on a CBA (on Thursday, May 26th.

Save the Date!

5/24 - Wax Museum

5/25 - Pin Stack Field Trip

5/27 - Holiday

5/30 - Holiday

6/2 - End of Year Class Party 1:45-2:45

6/3 - Last Day of School (3rd-5th COL @ 9:15-10:15, Farewell Parade immediately following COL,, Transition Ceremony @ 12:30

End of Year Activities!

Please note the activities we have coming up as we near the end of the school year!

Tuesday, May 24th: Wax Museum - parents welcome

Murphy 8:30-9:15

Hazlewood 9:20-10:05

Walker 10:15-11:00

Griffin 11:10-11:55

Mitchell 12:05-12:50

Wednesday, May 25th: PinStack- parents welcome

9:30 Buses depart Comstock

10:00-1:00 Playtime and pizza at Pin Stack in Plano

1:30 Buses return to Comstock

Tuesday, May 31st: Pajama Day and an Aladdin surprise! :)

Wednesday, June 1st: Outdoor Games 11am-1pm; Picnic and Dessert Bar 1-2

Pizza Picnic and Dessert Bar on the Comstock Green 1:00-2:00pm

Thursday, June 2nd: BYOD/Class Parties

Bring Your Own Device Day 11am-1:00pm

End of School Year Party 1:45-2:50- parents welcome

Friday, June 3rd: Last Day of School- parents welcome

COL 9:15-10:00-

Farewell Parade immediately following COL!

Transition Ceremony 12:30pm

MVPs for the Week

Congratulations to these students- We would love if you could join us at JKC to see your kiddo shine on stage! We appreciate all their hard work and leadership. :)

Griffin- Umar Mustafa

Hazlewood- Ansley Williamson

Mitchell- Gabe Warren

Murphy- Gavin Young

Walker- Garrett Kleis