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Intended to collect the reward

In the distance, the sound of sirens began to grow louder. Taking a seat, Jen took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. It had all happened so suddenly. Looking down at her watch, Jen saw that it was closing in on two in the morning in Liberia. She wondered how Mitchell was doing. Was he safe? Worrying about baby hazel games for free things wouldn’t help him, or her.

She knew that her focus now must be to work with Fahimah to discover where the treasure was buried before anyone else died. Outside on the street, the passenger-side door on a black BMW SUV opened. A heavy-set man with a baldhead slid in. Did anyone see you? Asked the driver, an athletic baby hazel games looking African-American man in his late thirties. No. I placed the tracking device under their rear bumper.

They’ll never find it, replied the bald headed man. Marius? I think he’s dead. I heard a loud explosion from inside the house. The sound of sirens closing in on the house grew louder. Ok, let’s go, said baby hazel games for free the driver. Casually pulling out onto the street, the SUV blended in with the rest of the late rush-hour traffic.

Parking less than a block away, they both lit cigarettes and patiently waited for Jen and Fahimah to leave. A small hand-held monitor showed a map on it with Jen’s jeep appearing as a bright-red dot. After torturing and then killing Templhof, Marius’ accomplices knew who now had the journal. Police or no police, they baby hazel games for free weren’t going to give up. A hundred thousand dollars each was all they cared about and they their reward. Second dig site Lofa River, Liberia Within minutes of digging, the long-hidden relics from the past began to emerge from the ground.

The first thing found was a man’s skull. It didn’t take a forensic expert to see that the man had died from a blow to the head. A deep crack split open the back of the skull. Soon more and more bones began to be found along with small pieces of tattered clothing. Buttons, buckles, and steel swords were also found lying next to the remains. Several rings and earrings worn by the men when they died turned up, but no treasure.

With a wide smile on his face, Gray knew that they had found the remains of Captain Lucifer and his men. All he had to do now was widened the search area and find the diamonds. Looking about, he saw Lieutenant Colonel Taylor giving orders to some of his men. Walking over, he noticed that Taylor was trying to avoid looking directly at him. Selecting Taylor to help him was the worst decision Gray had made in a long time, not that he’d had much choice. Seras had surprised him with the speed in which she’d made up her mind and authorized the operation.

Colonel, I want you to spread out the workers. We’re in the right spot. The diamonds have to be nearby, said Gray. Mister Gray, the people we have are nearing exhaustion. I doubt many of them baby hazel games for free can go on much longer, replied Taylor. Gray stepped close and looked into Taylor’s eyes. He saw arrogance mixed with fear. Colonel, I don’t give a damn about these people. Work them to death for all I care. You’re going to kill them all when this is done anyway. Don’t get weak on me.

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