Outsiders Soundtrack

Yazmynn Mitchell period 6

Worlds Greastest by R. Kelly

"The World's Greatest" is a song written and recorded by R&B singer R. Kelly. i picked this song because it would go with when Ponyboy finds out that he and Johnny are heroes for saving the children in the burning church.
R. Kelly - The World's Greatest

"Runaway" by Joshua J. Greene,

"Runaway" was written by Joshua J. Greene, i choose this song because it goes with the scene were Ponyboy and Johnny runs away Darry hits pony making him now know he is not wanted ,Johnny runs away because his family does not care about him.
runaway josh greene.mov

Hard Knock life by Jay Z

Hard Knock Life is the third studio album by American rapper Jay-Z i choose this song because that is what i would think is the theme song is in Ponyboys life at home and at school , pony is the one who get yelled at by Darry and gets in trouble the most at home and in school he is almost failing school ,that's why it fits perfectly
Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life: Super Clean

ABC by the Jackson Five

"ABC" is a 1970 number-one hit song by The Jackson 5 I know that this is the song that goes with the parts when they go to the soda shop and theater Because they just hang out with each other and their gang messing with soc girl getting drunk and of course smoke.
The Jackson 5 - ABC [with lyrics]

'Will The Sun Ever Shine Again' by Bonnie Raitt

Will The Sun Ever Shine Again i choose this song because it fits with the emotion when they find out that Johnny is dead in the hospital and Dallis is was shot dead for robbing a store. so i figured that this song matched the mood of the story.
Will the sun ever shine again _ Bonnie Raitt