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Nuclear Fusion as an energy source 5/5/2016

Go Green Lab

Hi! My name is Constance Drake and I am the head scientist at GoGreen Lab in North Carolina. My partner and I have just discovered one of the most exciting things for our world today. We have made a breakthrough discovery of how we can use nuclear fusion as an energy source. We have been working on a discovery such as this for over 50 years now. With a little work and time, this could be a great thing.

Nuclear Fusion as an energy source

To be clear we are using nuclear fusion, not nuclear fission. Fusion is the fusing of two or more lighter atoms into a larger one, while fission is the splitting of a large atom into two or more smaller ones. The energy produced by fusion is three to four times greater than that released by fission. Hydrogen isotopes are the main fuel used in experimental fusion.

Any Concerns?

There are a lot benefits of using nuclear fusion:

-It doesn't release harmful radiation

-Can be used in nuclear bombs

-Larger enough to fuel ratio

-No uncontrollable energy being released

-Can stop reactor at any time