by Bryan Hector


The silence is black,

Veiling the room gloomy.

Jane whispers a joke

To whiten my spirit.

Red: Cheeks burning from the laughter like hot cocoa

Warm within your mouth.

Orange: The giggles subside. Memories of the joke

Keep you smiling, forgetting

Yellow: Shivers down the spine, clenched fists, sweat-strewn palms, eyes wide,

Lying in bed just

Green: Hidden wishes to be out the window,

Soaring on the clouds.

Blue: Hollow like the tree out back,

Mom, Dad, and Jane sit in the room.

Indigo: Droopy eyes, head down, apologizing for anything,

Begging not to leave yet.

Violet: The steam pressure uncorks from every pore

Like uncapping the radiator after driving.

My color fades,

Somewhere far away the sun shines.

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