City of Orphans

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       Maks Geless is a 13-year-old newsie living in 19th century New York City. Times are hard during the Great Panic of 1893 and Maks and his family must find a way to get by. While trying to make his daily eight cents, Bruno, leader of the fearsome Plug Ugly Gang, attempts to steal Maks's much needed money. He is cornered in an alleyway where he thinks all hope is lost, and he lets out one final desperate cry for help. He is saved by a small girl dressed in rags: Willa. The friendship grows between them and everything is right, until Maks's world is turned upside down. He comes home to find out that his sister, Emma has been arrested. Now Willa and Maks must seek the help of dingy Detective Donck who agrees to assist them. Maks must search the elegant Waldorf Hotel to find evidence that his sister was framed before she is sent away to the Blackwell Island jail. Can Willa and Maks work together to free Emma, uphold the family and  stay clear of the dangerous Plug Uglies who are out to get them?