Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

Communication...a great example...

Remember last week when I mentioned communication, to the point of ad nauseam?

I had a GREAT example of that this week! A teacher was explaining that during her conference with parents, she doesn't just ask her parents to have students read for thirty minutes, she talks them through the research that says in order to maintain their current reading level they are supposed to read for 60 minutes each day...and in order to increase a level, they should be reading for 90 minutes each day. She covers their 60 minutes in class each day but needs the parents to help with that last 30 because the goal is to GROW their child one full year.

When presented that way, see how much more of an impact that statement can make vs have your child read for 30 minutes a night? I was impressed, :)

Data is flowing!

Now that you have unit assessment data in your back pocket, be sure you are spiraling in those TEKS as often as possible for students who struggled. They will see them again, and in addition to reviewing specific questions missed, we want to make sure the content is understood. Be strategic with your seed questions. Are you asking questions to the kids who need it the most? I've linked below a form that can help you sort your students based on their quintile...plan in advance what questions can be asked of your differently grouped students. At this point in the year we are teaching for transfer. We are varying our learning strategies. Be intentional! Just think of this month as Quintober! :)
The best plan is the intentional plan. Feel free to use the above document to plan out your small groups, or use your own. We have several teachers who are very strategic with how missed content is re-covered/assessed (side eye: 4th grade) if you need any tips or tricks...


We'll be talking RTI in next week's PLCs in addition to what is on our calendar. You can see our PLC schedule here. The following week Teddi will be joining us. How would you like to utilize her? Let your team leader know!

Tech integration idea!

This day in history...

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your birthday (or any date).

  3. Click the Quick Page* button.

  4. This will return a page with headlines, songs, prices, and other information for that day, week, or year.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a link to open a printable version.

* If you click the Advanced Page button, a wizard will allow you to choose specific events for the selected date. You can edit the information or even add your own!

    What could Wolves do?

    • find out what happened the day they were born.
    • chart the price of bread over a given period of time
    • compare prices from the day they were born to prices from the day the teacher (or a parent) was born.
    • do some research about someone who shares their birthday
    • use the information in an “All About Me” presentation or an autobiography.
    • print and use as a gift for someone’s birthday or anniversary.

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

Oct. 21- Sherri Rogers

Oct 27- Staci Crim

Oct 30- Patty McKenna

Calendar Comings

Oct 17-

Oct 18- AT out, IF

Oct 19- Unity Day- wear orange!, AT out 11:30-1, staff meeting

Oct 20- Stu Celebrations- have you OVER COMMUNICATED!?

Oct. 21- LOTS of people out this day for CPI training...should be fun!

Oct.22- Sachse Chamber Fall fest, if you need a fun fall festival!

Oct. 24- Food drive kick off, Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 25-

Oct. 26-

Oct. 27- Boo on Ballard tonight! parent focus

Oct. 28- WWE, Halloween parties, FALL FEST FRENZY

Tough to watch...but so inspirational...

We are blessed friends. Never forget that every person you meet is fighting a battle you may not know about...