Immigration To Texas

Mexico and Africa


Mexico has left a mark on the U.S. for along time now, and a lot Mexican influence is found like religion, food, and culture.Mexico has a huge impact in our lives so I an going to tell you things about Mexico. Later on we will move to Africa and its culture, holiday, and food.

Holidays in Mexico

Mexico is one of the the most fascinating culture with many native legends, artistic skills, music skills and so for forth. Mexican culture is definitely outstanding with its holidays and traditions such as the Day Of The Dead, and Christmas. We all very well know that Mexico is a very religious place with mostly Christians, and Catholics so the holidays are really no surprise.

Food in Mexico

Mexican food is delicious, but what about back then? Mexicans used to eat nopales(prickly pear leafs), Tuna, prickly pear fruits, pitahayasca(sweet cactus fruit). It might not sound as good, but you need to try it first before having an opinion. It's pretty clear that we can all say that the food is a lot different from now, but Mexican is just outstanding.


Africa is very well well known for not being as high classed as other cultures. But, lets not get to deep with that part lets just get started. Before you know it you might actually consider going there, hopefully.

Food in Africa

Sorghum Grain is what many Africans eat, it is made grass, forage, and grain. They are also farmers and they grew cassava, maize, millet as food. It might not sound so appealing, but this is barely anything that they really have.

Culture in Africa

Africa is well known for its art, music, folktales, along with food, and literature.Africa as a lot of of artistic creations and artifacts. music and literature is usually found at home or at school. Who would've thought that a place like Africa could be so outgoing when it comes to religion and culture.