Chemical warfare

By Jacob Jackson

Countries with active nuclear arms

the first thing we will be going over is a few countries who currently have active nuclear and chemical weapons in there arsenals these countries include: China, north Korea, U.S, Brittain, France, Germany, Russia, Cuba and Israel. If these countries most of which are members of the UN could come to a global agreement with one another then are environment would be much cleaner and safer. Of course there would be some sort of nuclear and chemical weaponry under the table but at least it will be better than now.

Previous accidents

there are plenty of previous incidences where chemicals and nuclear bombs have caused complete destruction of an ecosystem. Such as chernobyl, the site of a nuclear Meltdown a nuclear reactor core busted open and nobody could walk into chernobyl without a hasmat suit for 10 years. The Kremlin russias military headquarters similar to the Pentagon also had a nuclear Meltdown and had to rebuild completely. Hiroshima had a atomic bomb dropped on it in the 1940s and it took them 4 years to completely rebuild the city.

Environmental change with nuclear disarming

the environment would benefit greatly from this because plants in affected areas would get a chance to grow back. The air wouldn't be polluted and the grass would be greener. We'd never have to wonder where to get our fresh drinking water from and our lives would be better because of it there would be less disease and longer life spans.