Animal Experimentation

By: Mackenzie Cranford

Leading Question

Should animal testing be legal?

Thesis Statement

Although animal testing is somewhat necessary to science, it should not be legalized because it uses animals to find cures that technology can solve, and the animals used are slowly decreasing due to the types of testing.

Background Information

Animal testing began somewhere around 400 years ago when Michael Anft used animals to observe how blood flows through the body. Many animals now are used to find cures to diseases or to see how harmful a product like lipstick could be to humans. Some people believe that animals don't get hurt when these tests occur, but not many of them make it out of the lab alive. Others know about the fatalities in the research centers that use animals like mice, rabbits, and primates that are more like humans.

Quotes and Commentary

Ryan Ballinger said in Animal Testing is Outdated, Imperfect says, "The Animal Welfare Institute explained that the AWA "applies to animal carriers, handlers, dealers, breeders and exhibitors in addition to research laboratories, and sets minimum standards of care that must be provided for animals--including housing, handling, sanitation, food, water, veterinary care and protection from weather extremes." " He says this because the AWA is supposed to protect the animals that live in the labs but the laws made aren't implied. This causes the animals "covered" by the AWA to usually die before the experiments are over.
In the same article Animal Testing is Outdated, Imperfect, Ryan Ballinger says, "The AWA does protect at least 1,134,693 animals, but leaves about 25 million other animals exposed." He says this to prove that the animals used are not protected. As said above, the animals are supposed to be given proper care, but the research companies make loop holes around these laws so that they don't have to follow them.
Michael Anft in Of Mice and Medicine says, "The outcome isn't always pleasant for animals born into the service of humankind. At some research institutions, more than 70 percent of male mice are killed before weaning." He says this to give proof about the animals used for testing.
Nicholas St. Fleur in National Institutes of Health to End the Use of Chimpanzees for Research says, "Animal rights activists who have fought for the release of chimpanzees from federal institutions..." He says this to explain that the use of specific animals for experimentation is being affected by animal rights. Later in the article it states how in 2013 most chimps were released because of animal rights.
In Text Overview: Animal Rights it says, "Animal rights advocates believe that animals should not be...used for... experimentation..." It says this as an opinion to show that animals should not be used for the testing done in the research labs.


Frankie L. Trull in Look to Animals to Cure Ebola says, "Scientists rely on animal models to learn about disease processes and develop potential treatments." He says this because animals are sometimes valuable to the research for medicine and cures.
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Picture Analysis

In this picture, the roles of animal testing have been reversed. The mouse and rabbit are "operating" on a human like what would usually occur in a research lab.