Call Of The Wild

Maxwell O'Handley


Buck is beautiful half St. Bernard half sheepdog mix, who lives on judge millers estate in California. Until he is kidnapped and forced to be a sled dog in Canada. As soon as he gets there, his friend curly is attacked and murdered by a pack of huskies. After seeing his friend die, he vows to never leave that same fate behind him.Buck becomes the property of Francois and Perrault, two Canadian mail workers. Buck learns how to fight, scavenge and survive nights in the harsh snow of winter. He channels his ancestors instincts and essentially hears 'The Call Of The Wild'

Characters In Call Of The Wild

Buck- the main protagonist in this story, goes from a domesticated California farm dog, a dog that channeled his ancestors and became a wild dog.

Spitz- An experienced clever husky, who will eventually be killed by buck in a battle for leadership.

Thorton- A man who saves Buck From Hals cruelty. He is considered the most admirable master, because his nature is very dog like.

Hal- A young ambitious male who purchases the dogs from the government once they served their purpose. While he is an ambitious gold miner, his sheer laziness causes him to overwork the dogs and abuse the.

About Jack London

John (Jack Griffith Chaney) London,was an American author, journalist, and social activist. He was a pioneer in the then-burgeoning world of commercial magazine fiction and was one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from his fiction alone. His most well known works are "Call of The Wild" and "White Fang" London was very passionate about unionization , socialism and the rights of workers. In his lifetime January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916, he wrote about many things that he was passionate about, including socialism, and unionization. London died at his cottage house in California peacefully at the age of 40. There was a debate on how he died. London was a robust man with many health issues, and was in pain so he took morphine. Some people believe that an accidental overdose, or possibly even a suicide. He was buried peacefully under a rock by his house at his request, his wife then joined him in 1955 when she died.

Inspiration for the book

Jack London wrote to a local newspaper telling about his Alaskan expeditions for gold, but was rejected because "The interest in Alaska had subsided" A few years later London wrote a short story about a dog named Bâtard who, at the end of the story, kills his master, London then sold the story to cosmopolitan magazine. Which they published it as "Diablo- A Dog" in their 1902 issue. It is said that years later, London started call of the wild to "Revive" the dark characterization of Bâtard and bring back that same type of story. London stated "I meant it to be a companion to my other dog story "Bâtard" ... but it got away from me, and instead of 4,000 words it ran 32,000 before I could put a stop to my writing."


The setting helps the plot advance, because if buck wasn't forced to channel his wild nature, there would be no tragedy, or heroism in the story.


Anyone who enjoys a thrilling, intriguing story with plenty of action and thrills, should read this book. Anyone who likes dogs, should read this book because the main character is a dog! Even though the book is set in the early nineteen hundreds, it is still a great current exciting read.
The Call of the Wild Trailer


The film trailer showed above is a live action interpreation of Jack Londons 'Call of the wild'