The Rock Cycle

By Katie Walters & Catherine Johnson

What is a Rock Cycle?

A Rock Cycle is the Earth's materials that change back and forth among the differnt types of rocks.
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Each rock has a different way of changing it just depends on the occasion. If it happens from the cooling of either magma or lava then a rock called a Igneous Rock is formed. Another rock, Sedimentary, is formed from sediments that are pressed or cemented together. And lastly for a rock named Metamorphic changes just due to the intense temperature and pressure.

3 different rocks...


Characteristics: Shiny, Dense, Light

Example Rocks: Basalt Lava, Andesite, Dacite Lava

Formed by: cooling of magma or lava.


Characteristics: fine grained, most fossils are sedimentary

Example Rocks: Breccia, Sandstone, Siltstone

Formed by: sediments pressed or cemented together


Characteristics: rarely fossils, may react with acids, may have layers of visible crystals

Example Rocks: Marble, Slate, Phyllite

Formed by: intense temperature and pressure

Igneous Rock

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Sedimentary Rock

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Metamorphic Rock

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