Do System Notifications Annoy You Too?

About the Fix

Hey there;

As you probably have guessed... there's a little bit of group posting from time to time coming from our camp ;)

Well, you probably have done it to, and so; you will know EXACTLY what we're talking about.

In our marketing endeavors, we have lost a lot of friends. Not because they don't want us to succeed, but because our post are all over their newsfeed. (Driving them bat sh%* crazy). Well, guesssssss what?


Turn off those pesky notifications.

We know, we know... You're sitting (or standing) there like "How in the heck do I do this because I don't want to turn them off one by one?"

It's very simple and here is what you can do. (Its a sneaky little trick that we LOVE).

You will need to signup for the auto posting software that we use MassPlanner to turn it off.

Here's the thing. MassPlanner offers a 5 day trial period before you are charged. So, we know we're giving you something that, maybe, we shouldn't, but here goes...

Signup for the 5 day trial of Mass Planner and once you have it installed go directly to the feature that allows you to turn off the notifications for all of your groups. (Only one caveat.... any groups that you add in the future, once you uninstall MassPlanner, will need to be configured manually to have the notifications turned off.)

Okay, once you have turned off your notifications you have a few options.

- Immediately email admin@massplanner and have them cancel your account so that you are not charged after the 5th day of use.

- Create an affiliate account with MassPlanner at http://www.massplanner.com/mass-planner-affiliate/ and earn 50% commissions. Start promoting this software or at least the fact that you can use this software to turn off those notifications popping up and flooding your newsfeed.

- Keep this bad ass software and explode your business.

We send out between 379 - 1,470 posts per day. Seriously, YES! Now, you know our massive secret. HA! Imagine sending your message to that many posts per day to that many groups averaging 1,100 group members each. That's around 500, 400 - 1,237,000 possible people seeing your posts daily. Cost for this??? $44.95 for 6mos.

If you knew about the previous costs of $29.95 which was available last week then you can see things are changing. The cost was raised because the software continues to get additions almost weekly. No matter what social media network you are part of you can soon use MassPlanner to schedule your communications.

So far Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram are the platforms offered. The BIG 6...Do We Need to Say More? Also, if you purchase MassPlanner at $44.95 now you will be locked in at that price. There will be more upgrades to come, but you will not be charged more for these additions.

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