Classical Conversations of Joppa

Weekly Newsletter - September 10, 2015

Each week I'll be sharing notes from your tutors, science and fine arts resources for at home and articles and videos to support you in homeschooling. At the end of each newsletter are updated field trips and events, so read through and stay up to date to not miss any events and registrations.

Director - Ms. Laura Ramsey's Notes

For many of us, the secret gift of homeschooling is that we finally receive the education we never had. In Classical Conversations, we are reclaiming two generations at once. Remember to learn alongside your children, model to them how to deal with frustrations and excitements!

The beauty of homeschooling in a community is sharing ideas and supporting each other. Come to CC day with an open mind and take notes on how your tutors are drilling the memory work. Remember, you do NOT prepare before coming to CC Day (except for presentations). When you enter CC Day, it's a fresh look at the material for everyone. If you do notice some children already know the timeline or math facts, it's because they are repeated every year.

Community Announcements

Week 2 Preview - Sept 15th

Family Presentation, Prayer, Pledges: Beavers family

Foundations Student Presentation Topic: Show and Tell - Biology and Nature. Go outside and find a living thing. Sketch or take a picture to share with the audience. Share what you learned about this living thing (grass, leaves, bugs, animals)

Science Project: VanCleave's Book #54 Telgraph Line

Fine Arts Project: Drawing - OiLS and Mirror Image

The tshirts and sweatshirts are in. I'll have them during morning assembly for those who ordered.

Lost and Found

Lost: Quid et Quo (Speicher Family)

Found: Insulated coffee mug left on kitchen area counter

Foundations Class Notes - Week 1 Wrap Up

Science Project - Week 1 - Beans

Did your children love exploring the beans? I encourage all families to explore the bean more at home. My kids are sprouting lima beans in plastic bags this week, it's an easy to set up and just watch and record each day project -

Here are some great resources:

Watch a lima bean sprout and grow:

Watch a mung bean germinate:

Big image

Fine Arts Project - Week 1 - OiLS

The first 6 weeks of fine arts is all about drawing. Encourage your children to examine artwork and identify OiLS (open circles, straight lines, closed circles/dots, angled lines, curved lines).

Here are some great arts/drawing resources (many at the library for free):

Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Draw Write Now series

Ed Emberley's books

Art for kids: drawing by Kathryn Temple

Squiggles, dots & lines DVD

Art lesson for children DVD series

Drawing with Mark DVD series

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Ish by Peter Reynolds, Dot by Peter Reynolds, Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

Mix it Up by Tulle

Abecedarians - Ms. Lauren Neiswinger's Notes

Thank you for a fabulous first day! The hand motions I used for the history sentence can be found on CC Connected under User marleiw. To help remember the scientific method, I used this song from Melody Stroud (see video below).

Apprentices - Ms. Chasity Longworth's Notes

Unfortunately I was held up at home praying for you all yesterday morning instead of being there for our first day together!! :( It sounds like it was a good day! Young Bo enjoyed his first day very much! Tommy threw up again this morning! :( After he pukes, he is all better... we think he is puking all the phlegm he swallows while sleeping... allergies? He is fine now as we are working on school this morning.

As for review of week one's memory work...

Don't forget... the song for Science using the tune to "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians"

And the song for Latin can be found on CC Connected under the user SBrooks if you are on CC Connected. Otherwise, Chant and use hand motions. Don't fret as this same memory work for Latin will be used for weeks 2, 13, and 14!

I hope and pray you all had a great first week. Please, let me know if I can be a help in ANY way!! I love you all and your child already and I sure hope to see you on the 15th!!! Praying for you and your week of home schooling!!

Apprentices - Ms. Renee Stratton's Notes

What a great first day we had. We even had a few guest apprentices! The presentations were wonderful and everyone was respectful towards the presenter. Remind your student that there is a time for motion and a time for being a good audience. Looking forward to this week.

Journeymen - Dr. Sharon Touryan's Notes

We had a good first day, and our class did well at hosting a few of our apprentice classmates. When reviewing memory work this week, we used the following songs:

Science: "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians"

Latin: Found on CC Connected under the user SBrooks. If you are not on CC Connected, just chant it. We'll be going over this material a few more times before the year is through!

History and Timeline are on the CD.

The rest we just said or chanted.

Next week's presentations will be about living things the student found and observed in nature. Possible things they can talk about include: habitat, diet, classification (e.g., amphibian, fungus, etc.), life cycle, fun facts. I encouraged them to draw a picture of it using their OiLs skills.

The presentation skill we will focus on is talking to the audience, rather than staring down at our sheet of paper.

Have a great week! Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

Masters - Ms. Jo Anne Wilhelm's Notes

Hello Masters Class! We had a small group this week, but we enjoyed getting to know each other. I can't wait for everyone to return to join us. Our memory work included the CC Songs and motions for both the timeline and history, we did a silly "King Phylum Class ordered the Family Genus to find a new Species" story for science (thanks Mrs. Laura!), and did chanting and motions for the rest. Our science experiment went well as we discovered baby beans growing inside our soaked beans. We labeled these in our science journal. We learned about OILS in Art, and then traced and decorated leaves using these. Our presentations went well as we got to know each other. Next week, please have your child follow the presentation schedule and find a living thing outside to draw. See you soon!


Essentials - Ms. Ariel Oppel's Notes


Memory Work Extras

Foundations to Challenge Link

This week your students will continue to memorize the Latin noun cases. They will use these in Challenge A Latin as they decline Latin nouns. In Cycle 2, you will memorize the verb endings, and in Cycle 3, you will memorize part of John 1 in Latin and English. You will also get lots of practice with the formal structure of languages through the exercises and charts in Essentials. In addition to their Latin seminar, students will encounter Latin words in logic, history, science, Shakespeare, math, and poetry. For additional information on Latin, watch the webinar "Cultivating Language: Essentials is the Bridge to Latin" on CC Connected.

Scientific Method Song and Motions

Scientific Method Song and Motions

CC Article: What Not to Do with Your Firstborn when Starting Foundations

Moms Morning Out at Panera Bread

Saturday, Sep. 12th, 9am

3412 Merchant Boulevard

Abingdon, MD

Join CC Joppa moms for our monthly Moms Morning Out. This is casual time to get together and chat. We will meet every 2nd Saturday of the month throughout the year.

Sharon Touryan and Laura Ramsey will be there more towards 9:30am due to soccer games.

Field Trip: Baltimore Zoo

Friday, Sep. 18th, 10am

Mansion House Drive

Baltimore, MD

Meet at zoo at 9:45am to enter together at 10am. Explore the Baltimore Zoo with your family and enjoy a discounted day.

$11/adult, FREE/child.


Field Trip: Brad's Produce - Hay Ride and Pumpkins

Friday, Oct. 9th, 10am

550 Asbury Road

Churchville, MD

Chasity and Sharon are organizing a field trip to Brad's Produce. RSVP this week so we can book the field trip.

$8/child, $5/adult

Register with Sharon OR Chasity with the number of adults and children who will be attending.

FREE Family Event: Child Safety Fair at Shamrock Park

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 11am-2pm

39 North Hackery Avenue

Bel Air, MD

Child Safety Fair at Shamrock Park (behind the Bel Air library on Hickory Ave). The police department will be doing children's ID cards. FREE

Field Trip: Wildlife Adventures

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 10am

Trinity Church, 2609 Mountain Road, Joppa, MD

Wildlife Adventures' outreach program will bring live animals and hands-on educational entertainment. They are a local company that teaches character development and environmental stewardship through animals.

"Treasure of Wildlife: Fruit of the Spirit" is a 45 minute program using scripture and animals to define and understand the Bible's fruits of the spirit. $20/family. Register with Laura at by September 15th.