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what date did belguim join the european Union?

Belguim joined the European Unoin in the date of 1957

Was Belgium a Founder of the European Union?

Yes the country of Belgium is one of the founders of the European Union

Where was Belgium located ?

Belgium was loctaed in western Europe and Coast of the north sea

what are someone the features around Belgium

Belgium was in between frarance luxenburg germany and the nether lands

Plces People Shloud Vist

Churchses and historicsl places
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What does the flag look like

The flag is divided into 3 sections 1/3rd of the flag is black representing shield 1/3rd in the middle of the flag is yellow representing a lion and the last 1/3rd f the flsg is red representing the lions claws

What is the capitol and at least 4 other major cities?

The capitol is Buresse the other major cities are Antwerp , Bruges , Ghent , Ligez

Phyisical Features

Coasts and Beaches

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What is the currency in Belgium?

The currency was franc

3 Intrseting Facts

*Belgium is the bigest comic production

*First newspaper was in antwerp

*a Belgium Man Founded NYC