Paws to Read!

Mary B.

About Me!

Hey! I'm Mary and i go to PSMS and i like to read but i don't read all the time I don't read very much at home when i do i read for a longgggg time. I am interested in Funny books and Fiction books but i'm not very interested in Nonfiction and Sci-Fi. When i was in 2nd grade we started a wolf reading log and i got every year except 3rd and even on that year i got around 20 out of 25 books.
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My favorite quote!

Where ever i am if iv got a book with me, Iv got a place i can go and be happy

- J.K Rowling

Me as a reader!

  • I somewhat enjoy reading :)
  • I mostly read one type of book
  • I learned to read when i was 6
  • I sometimes judge a book by its cover
  • I hate reading for school but enjoy reading at home
  • I can only read when its raining
  • I don't read books very much
  • I love funny books
  • i hate mystery books
  • I don't stop reading unless i'm at the top of a page or end of a chapter

My Song!

This song explains the feeling of being somewhere else when reading such a good book!

Here is the music!

Coldplay - Paradise

What am i reading right now! A.K.A Latest Blog Entry

Right now i am reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green it is a romantic comedy with a lot of seriousness, it follows a teenage girl and teenage boy who both have cancer and have to go through the struggles of the world just so they can be together! I think this book is amazing and i really like the ups and downs of the story, i think of this book like a roller coaster and i'm enjoying the ride!