IT Survival Guide

Research and Information Fluency

About this Survival Guide

The Research and Information Fluency Survival Guide consists of 5 modules which are housed in this Google Site. These 5 modules are designed to help you understand and apply the following skills:

  • Effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning.

  • Apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

  • Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources and media.

  • Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.

  • Apply digital tools to process data and report results.

How to complete the survival guide

This survival guide is designed to be a collaborative, active experience. Each module consists of direct instruction, as well as individual practice and opportunity for feedback.

We welcome you to make comments, ask questions and give feedback on each module at the bottom of the page. We encourage you to communicate with the authors, as well as each other, as you work through the Research and Information Fluency Survival Guide.

You may complete the assessment on the last page of the site. Once you submit the assessment, you will receive an email with your results. Please review your results and revisit any pages in the site that may assist you in correcting your responses or feel free to post a question in the comments box on any of the pages for assistance from the authors or your colleagues.

About the Authors

Brandi Cooper - 4th Grade Writing Teacher, Livingston ISD

Jessica Johnston - Instructional Technology Specialist, Brenham ISD

Belinda Orkand - 6th Grade Online Math Teacher, Houston ISD

Jason Pate - Computer Technician, Fairfield ISD

Melanie Siebert - Technology Paraprofessional, Conroe ISD