pre sports

eli avila 4per

pre sports

pre sports means that we learn about different sports and the steps from each sport and we play volleyball and you learn a lot of stuff in pre sports so good look in pre sports.


lock everything because they might still your stuff and you cant were shorts that are that short you have to wash your cloths and if you don't bring your cloths you will get consequences because you only change on Mon,Tus, wend, thus and you will have condition days and you cant drink or eat anything on pre sports and put your hair up

games we play in pre sports

dress code

drees out, lockers, grading, health day

dress out-your hair tide up don't were down your hair

lockers- you have to keep your lockers close up

grading-wearing you clothes you have to wear

health day- you have to do your work no electronics when you doing health day and don be fating in the changing room.