Poetry Scavenger Hunt

By: Isam Ahmed


This smore is about all the poems I found in my poetry scavenger hunt.

All Of The Things I Found On The Scavenger Hunt


The Cavalier

This poem is comparing how a prince hiked up a mountain like a mountain goat.

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Elements of Poetry

The one who invented Trick or Treat

Central Idea: what type of candies the inventor made and why he made the term Trick or Treat.

Purpose: I think this poem was made to entertain a person because at the end it has funny catch to the poem.

Mood: I think the mood of this poem is happy, excited, cleverness kind of thing because when I read this poem I kind of get that feeling of someone is trying to get me to do something or trying to trick me.

Form: I think that my poem is a free verse poem because it really has no rhyme or anything.

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Thank You!!!

Hope you enjoyed looking at all the poems I found!