Blue Cross Relief Foundation

By Gretchen Stalnaker, Brianna Phelps, and Regan Strength

Typhoon Haiyan Images and Videos

Actual Video of Storm Surge of Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda in Leyte Philippines

Our Founders

Group Objectives

The Blue Cross Relief Foundation's main objective was to provide fresh water that is accessible to everyone because most of the diseases comes from infected water, and many people are dehydrated.

Our other objectives were to provide mosquito repellent for all citizens, bring antibiotics to nurse the citizens back to health, and provide vaccinations for all citizens. This helps defend against the most common diseases in the Philippines.


We delivered a total of 36 supplies, our total mass was 30650 pounds. That was the highest mass against every other organization!

Our Foundation had a total volume of 2,088 cubic feet.

It took us a total of 32 hours, 30 min. to arrive to our destination. We went to Romualdez Airport that is located in the Philippines, starting in Houston, Texas. From Houston, we went in a series of flights to Safford Regional Airport, Shelter Cove Airport, Juneau International, Unalaska Airport, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport, Okadama Airport, to Yakushima Airport, to Laoag International Airport, to our final destination of Romualdez Airport.

We reached the objectives listed above by supplying eight containers of drinking water with a volume of 72 cubed feet each, two mosquito containers, seven medical supply boxes, and three portable hospitals, all for the people of Tacloban, Philippines.

Pallet One

The total mass of the first pallet is 6,250 lbs. The volume is 496 cubic feet.
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Pallet Two

The total mass of the second pallet is 7,000 lbs. The total volume is 432 cubic feet.
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Pallet Three

The mass of pallet 3 is 4650 lbs. The volume is 560 cubic feet.
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Pallet Four

The mass of pallet 4 is 6400 lbs. The volume is 1,584 cubic feet.
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Pallet Five

The mass of pallet 5 is 6,350 lbs. The volume is 960 cubic feet.

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Flight Plan

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How our supplies helped us reach our goal

Our main priority was to provide fresh drinking water to citizens and by bringing 8 packages of water, we've accomplished it. The fresh water will also prevent the spreading of disease through water. Our other priorities were to provide mosquito repellent for all citizens, bring antibiotics to nurse the citizens back to health, and provide vaccinations for all citizens. So, by bringing 2 mosquito repellents, 7 medical supplies, and 3 refrigerated medical supplies we have accomplished our goal.


Chronological Timeline:

In the beginning we were given the news of Typhoon Haiyan, and the tragedies that were occurring to the people of Tacloban. We learned the common information about the Philippines, such as the government, history, food, and language of the country. We learned of every major contagious disease that affected the people of Tacloban, such as Malaria, Tetanus, Measles, and Typhoid fever. We made the pallets with certain equipment that we would send over to Tacloban each in proportion to the size of the plane. We then navigated our way from Houston, Texas to Tacloban, Philippines with the help of Google Earth, after intense training. We calculated our hours, and created our final briefing.


We did not know that diseases would be more contagious with the typhoon, but it seemed to be a big problem in the Philippines. We also did not know that they would be so low on food supplies, and clean water.


We divided the work load evenly, but we should have collaborated more. We also should have checked the requirements for our disease briefing more than we did.

Tips and Lessons Learned:

We learned to not only double check, but triple check every rubric and requirements.

Reflection Statement:

Our purpose was to send supplies to the Philippines the quickest we could to help the community. We strive to make a difference and make the world a better place. Throughout this process we gave food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, gave homes to the homeless, but most importantly gave hope to the hopeless. We reached our goals for this mission, and hope to reach many more in the near future.