Thank You , M'am

Marisela Cecilio


The setting describes where and when the story takes place.The setting is on the street and in Mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones house. pg#120


This conflict is external conflict cause the struggle or problem takes place outside of the character and it's that the little boy had snatched the Mrs.Jones purse because he wanted money to buy some new suede shoes.
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This is situational irony which is an event of outcome of events opposite to what was or might naturally been expected because in the beginning of the story the author makes you think that Mrs.Jones might call the cops on the boy but she ends up teaching him a lesson at the end to not steal ever again.

Type of Chracters

The main characters are Mrs.Jones and the little boy named Roger. Mrs.Jones is a static character because she does not change through the course of the action and Roger is a dynamic character because he changes at the end and learns a lesson. Quote: It's better to work and ask for things than to steal things from people who work hard for it.
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