By Adam Rosas!


I don't do a lot but my hobbies are playing basketball, watching Markiplier on youtube, and eating. I also like to look at shoes

Family Info

I live with 8 people including myself; The oldest in our household is my mom, next my dad, next my 19 year old sister, then me, then my younger brother then my younger sister and then my two younger brothers. I also have a cat, who is my bestfriend.

What I wanna do when i grow up.

I do not actually know what i want to do after high-school, I do know that i may wanna work with technology or something to do with animal or human behavior. Not sure yet

What I did over winter break.

I sat around, ate and watched netflix and went to the gym every once in awhile.

Fave Gift

A hoodie i have not received yet.