Americans Out

Ryan Cuthbert, Jackson Henry, and Brittany Engel


Mexico has struggled throughout history. We have been controlled by different countries, went to war to get freedom and have been struggling to find their place in the world today. Recently, a problem has been looked at to try to get the permission of the government for Americans to purchase land on the coast and near the Mexican- US border. We believe that this is wrong for Americans to purchase land that close to the coast or to the border.

Settlement of Texas

The Spanish government tried to attract Spanish settlers to Texas but very few came. The settlers were called Tejanos. Moses Austin was given permission by the Spanish government to start a settlement in Texas. Americans were allowed to colonize there too, as long as they followed Spanish rule. Moses died in 1821 so his son Stephen decided to try to make a colony in Texas. In 1821, Mexico got their independence from Spain. The newly formed Mexican government told Stephen that if the families wanted to stay in Texas, they had to learn Spanish, become Mexican citizens, and also become members of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1829, the Mexican government outlawed slavery. The settlers there wanted to keep their slaves because they could grow cotton. The Americans also didn’t want to follow Mexican rule. Very few of the settlers had converted to Catholicism. In reaction to this, the Mexican government closed the state so no more American settlers could settle in Texas. Texans also had to pay taxes for the first time. Stephen was thrown into jail and the Texans revolted. This is an important event in the influence of our decision to make sure that no citizen outside of Mexico can purchase property inside of the limits of the border and of the coast.

Texas War for Independence

The Texas War for Independence started in 1829 when the Mexicans outlawed slavery in Texas but settlers there from the U.S wanted to keep their slaves for growing cotton. This among other reasons such as being forced to pay taxes and the jailing of Stephen Austin who was known as the father of texas was why tensions rose between us and the Americans over time. Eventually this sharing of land between the two of us led to the battle at the Alamo and then also the war at San Jacinto. The Americans killed over half of our troops in this war and then took the land eventually. If we let them in again this could happen and we can’t afford to lose more land than we already have to the Americans.

War with Mexico and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The War with Mexico began after the United States provoked it by stationing armed troops at the mouth of the Rio Grande, an area that both Texas and Mexico claimed. Also, Mexico encouraged the war because the United States government approved the annexation of Texas. The war ended after a year and a half of fighting. The treaty that ended it was called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The treaty added 1.2 million square miles of territory to the United States. The United States recognized sovereignty over all of Texas north of the Rio Grande River. In return, the United States agreed to pay $15 million to Mexico in exchange for the ceded land and assumed the 3$ million in claims that its citizens held against the government of Mexico. The U.S. was defined the winner because of the new territory and the vast resources it contained. Now, if we let Americans own our land the same thing will happen again. History will repeat itself. We can't let Americans own land in Mexico. If they do, then they will want to keep that land for themselves and add it to America.


We can't let Americans own our land. The events that have happened previously in our history led to us losing land. We can't lose our land again. Therefore, letting Americans into our land is a bad idea. We need to keep them from taking over the valuable pieces of land that are near the coastal and beach front property. This land is reserved for the Mexican citizens because they understand the struggles that we have gone through and this will help keep them happy by giving them great lots to live on. Citizens shouldn't be able to own the land that citizens of Mexico get too.