Parham Pages

May 31-June 3rd

Good Morning Sanger High School

Hello, Team...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

This edition of the Parham Pages is packed with lots of important information and dates. Please take a moment to review.

Have a great week!

Go Indians!

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations this summer...

6/6- Coach Holzer

6/10- Mrs. Alambar

6/16- Coach Hall

6/17- Ms. Wilson

7/5- Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Knight

7/7- Mrs. Morrison

7/12- Mr. Greenway

7/14- Mrs. Medrano

7/15- Mrs. Sliger

7/16- Ms. Laswell

7/17- Mrs. McCall

7/29- Ms. Griffeth

8/11- Mr. Dusenberry

8/13- Mrs. Vidourek

8/16- Mrs. Petr


ID Badges- Mandatory

Attention all returning staff....Mr. Beam has arranged for us to have our ID badges made for the 2016-17 school year. This means that we must have our pictures taken on Tuesday, May 31st during all three lunches. (Business professional attire)

***We will kick the 2016-17 school year off with wearing Staff ID badges daily. This is a great way to quickly identify staff and visitors, as well as, be an additional safety measure as our campus continues to grow.

When: Tuesday, May 31st

Where: Library

Senior Walk

The Senior walk will take place Tuesday, May 31st at approximately 10:15 am. We will announcement on the intercom for all classes to line the hallways just outside of their immediate classroom. The walk will begin down our library hallway around to the math wing and up the stairs to the second floor. The seniors will continue to parade down the English wing and around to the Social Studies wing. Lastly, the seniors will travel down the stairs closest to the Mac Shack and out the doors to exit for the day.

This will be our 1st opportunity to share in a great experience for our seniors. We are very proud of their achievements and look forward to this celebration.

***Attention all AG classes: Please line up along the library hallway

Professional Development

Denton County Small District Professional Development

This year, our surrounding small districts have worked together to development summer growth opportunities for everyone. Here is how to access the information:

  1. Go to-
  2. Log-in using your unique username and password for ESC XI
  3. Select- Browse Catalog
  4. Choose- "District Specific" at the bottom of the pop-down list
  5. Register

Upon completion of a workshop, please make sure to provide us a copy of your certificate.

Important Information

Senior Activites

Tuesday, May 31st – Senior Picture and Senior Send-Off

Wednesday, June 1st- Senior Breakfast and Graduation
Thursday, June 2nd – Seniors pick up diplomas between 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Final Exam Schedule

Please click on the attached schedule. As a reminder, please adhere to the exam schedule. No early exams.

Checkout Form

We will print the checkout form and place a copy in your mailbox on Tuesday (5/31). Please make sure to read it over...we have had a couple of new items for the checkout process.

Summer Shut Down

Packing up for the summer can take some time and we need to prepare for the summer deep cleaning process. We will have limited access throughout the building as contractors begin repairing the roof and maintenance begins cleaning walls and waxing floors. Listed below are a few details that will guide you through the process.
  • Take home personal belongings.
  • Walls must be cleared of all decor, posters, and artifacts.
  • Clean out student projects.
  • Straighten up classroom closets and shelving.
  • Departmental closets must be organized.
  • Clean out teacher workroom refrigerators and microwaves.

Summer shutdown forms will be in your mailbox by Wednesday (6/1)

Staff Luncheon

Please join us for a little festivities, fun, and fellowship! Mrs. Knight has organized a wonderful luncheon for us to enjoy!

When: Thursday, June 2nd

Where: Cafeteria

Time: 1:00

Important Dates

5/31-6/1- (9-11th) Final Exams

5/31- Senior Picture and Senior Send-Off

6/1- Graduation @ UNT (5 pm)

6/1-2- Early Release

6/2- Seniors Diploma Pick-Up (9-10:30)

6/3- Teacher Work Day