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September 28, 2015

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Tamanend's Suggestion Box for Students

James L, (pictured above) Tamanend's Student Council Vice President along with his grandfather, designed and built Tamanend's new suggestion box for students to share with the Student Council officers some positive suggestions or ideas they have for Tamanend. The box is a new addition to our library so it is easily accessible for all students.

Magazine & Cookie Dough Drive

Last Tuesday, September 22nd was our first turn-in day and it was a huge success. We are hoping that our next turn-in day, Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29th will be even more successful! Remember, any 5 orders earn your student entrance into next month's AGT Athlete's Show and 12 orders can earn them a ride in our limo Lunch!

This is the only TMS fundraiser that benefits Tamanend. Run by our Student Council Leaders, the moneys raised by our drive this year will be used to partner with Tamanend to install water bottle filling stations through out the school. It is hoped that by having water bottle filling stations, students and staff will drink more water and use less disposable bottles... it is a good plan for health and the environment! Thank you for your support!

Parent/Guardian Volunteers Needed

Parents of middle schoolers often ask how they can get involved. Some parents say that their child does not want them to get involved. At Tamanend, there are many special things that go on throughout the school year that would not be possible without the involvement and support of our parents. Please get involved.

Volunteers must have their clearances on file with the CBSD Human Resources Department prior to starting volunteer work. The new Pennsylvania State mandate does allow until July 1, 2016 to obtain background checks. However, in the best interest of the safety and security of our students, we are asking volunteers to comply with submitting background checks prior to volunteering in the 2015-2016 school year.

Volunteers may drop off required paperwork at the Administration Center at 20 Welden Drive.

CB High School Football Game Attendance

Due to student safety and stadium operational concerns, students who are in 7th or 8th grades (or younger) will not be admitted to C.B. High Schools' football games without a parent/guardian attending the game with them. All students must have a current or prior year ID card with them to determine their name, grade and school.

For information about CBSD Athletic Passes, click here.

Tamanend Fall Dance

Friday night, October 2nd is our first dance of the new school year. Student Council Officers had a great response to our Dance Theme survey. It looks like we are going Hawaiian! It is important that everyone understands that for all of our dances, even Hawaiian themed dances, the CB Middle School Dress standards are in effect. Our school dances are for currently enrolled Tamanend students. Students must have their school photo id card with them to enter the dance. The dance starts at 7:30 p.m. All students may enter the dance using the bus loop/Library Hall Entrance of the building. In consultation with the Warrington Township Police Department, we stagger the end times and split pick up locations for the grades to help with traffic on Stuckert Road.

End times:

  • 7th Grade - 9:20 p.m.
  • 8th Grade - 9:30 p.m.
  • 9th Grade - 9:40 p.m.

Pick up locations:

  • 7th Grade - Bus Loop
  • 8th/9th Grade - Main Lot/Car Rider Loop

Even with these efforts, Stuckert Road still becomes congested during pick up from dances. Please be patient and stay in the pick up lane. We do not allow students to walk through the parking lot to get to parked cars. For their safety, students will remain on the Tamanend campus sidewalk until their parent/guardian is in the bus loop or parking lot and lined up in the pick up lane. Lastly, we ask that you consider carpooling to help with traffic.

REMINDER: Students Should Arrive to School AFTER 7:10 and BEFORE 7:30 AM

For supervision and safety reasons, students may not be dropped off at school before 7:10 a.m. If you are driving your student to school and arrive before 7:10, please remain in your car with your student until 7:10 a.m.
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Car Rider Drop Off

We encourage all students to ride the bus if they are assigned to one, or walk/bike to school. On the occassion that parents/guardians need to drive students to school, please enter the main parking lot staying to the right. Pull as far up along that sidewalk as possible. Students should exit cars on the right side of the car directly onto the sidewalk. If there is a long line of cars, students do not need to wait in their cars until they are directly outside the door to the car rider entrance/exit. They may walk along the sidewalk. That way parent/guardian drivers may exit using any of the parking aisles. This will alleviate traffic. Please stop at the end of the aisle to be sure it is safe to cross incoming traffic. For the safety of our students and drivers, NO ONE should drop off students on Stuckert Road. Likewise, NO ONE should park in the main parking area or pull into the visitor's area for drop off. Thank you for being extra careful so that everyone is safe.

Teaching 7th Graders to Advocate for Themselves

Tom Thelen, author of Victimproof, is one of America’s top youth motivational speakers. He has spoken at over 500 schools, colleges, and youth organizations. Rather than the typical “Don’t be a bully!” message, Tom shows students how to make a positive impact on their school culture. His message captivates students with stories that touch the heart and make them laugh. Tom ends the speech with a challenge for every student to BE THE CHANGE! Tom will speak to all CBSD 7th graders on Wednesday, September 30. Also, Lenape is hosting a special presentation for all CBSD parents that evening at 6:30 p.m. Tom’s visit was made possible with funding from the Innovative Learning Grant from CB Cares Educational Foundation.

Tom Thelen Speaks to Parents

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 6:30pm

West State Street

Doylestown, PA


On Thursday, October 15th, the CBSD Wellness Committee along with The Doylestown Food Co-op and our Family & Consumer Science Department will be sponsoring a presentation on healthy eating for all families in Central Bucks School District. For more information on the organization see Doylestown Food Co-op and stay tuned for further information on the presentation.

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TMS Parent Council

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 9am

1492 Stuckert Rd

Warrington, PA

Parent Council is an open meeting where all parents are welcome to attend to learn more about Tamanend Middle School.

Support Tamanend While You Shop

If you use the following vendors, please think about supporting TMS while you shop:

  • Giant Food Store has an A+ School Rewards program through their clip-less coupon card that gives money to the school you designate every time you shop. Use this link to select Tamanend as your A+ school.
  • If you shop at Target and have a Target Red Card, you can register your card for Target's Take Charge of Education program so that Tamanend receives a percentage of your spending. Target has announced that it will end this program as of May 14, 2016 but has promised a different program in its stead.
  • Clip and send in Box Tops to the attention of NJHS; or, shop at the Box Top Market Place where you will find vendors such as Best Buy, KMart, Justice and more.
  • If you like to shop online, check out the eScrip Online Mall. When you sign up for an account, selecting Tamanend earns money for our school.

Tamanend Together is...

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