Black Elementary Agenda

February 22 - February 26

Principals Corner

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Superintendent’s Fun Run

This year’s event takes place on Saturday, February 27th. Click on the Fun Run icon on the district website for more information and to register for the race. When you sign up, please be sure to select our team, Black Elementary. The password is bearkats. Dr. Henry has challenged us to have 100 people from each campus to participate this year. We need to get the word out to our students and parents. Once you join, please email me your confirmation and receive FIVE jeans passes. Receive one additional jeans pass for each student from your homeroom or family member that joins under our team! All proceeds go the Cy-Fair Education Foundation. Our team is now up to 30 staff, students and parents! Shelley Bertrand, Chris Bertrand, Madelyn Betrand, Sophia Bertrand, Tyla Osina, Katelyn Kimball, Monica Kimball, Carly Kimball, Minet Cortez, Victor Cortez, Marianne Krancher, Karrie Woodard, Stephanie Mead, Nancy Patino, Veronica Field, Ashley Dillon, Mary Miller, Lindsey Hamilton, Catherine and Haley Nguyen, Tish Edwards, Amie Wilson, Blanca and Rebecca Nunez, Maggie Hayes, Melissa LeDoux, Marlene Baez, Madison Herman, Valerie Herman and Kayleigh Knight!

February's Core Value:

Cooperation - Working together to do more than you can do alone!

February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Our 2nd Annual Step-A-Thon is underway. Please be sure to have your team captain graph your results each week. It’s exciting to see team that are moving and on their way to increasing their heart health through daily movement.

February 26 – Go Texan Day!

February 26th is Go Texan Day. We will have a Chili Cook-off that day. Get together with your team and find your BEST chili recipe. We are inviting special judges to see which chili is Blue ribbon worthy! Stay tuned for more information! Yee Haw!!

Gem Grant Training

I hope that many of you are planning to attend the GEM Grant Training that is being offered on February 23. I have already spoken to a handful of teachers who have some great ideas for the grant. Please take advantage of this opportunity to obtain funds for your initiative that will impact student learning! You’ll never know if you never try! Debbie sent all the information about the grant process on Tuesday. You can also go to for information. Just click on the gem.

February is Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month which makes it a good time for all of us to remember the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and establishing healthy habits at a young age. We all have the opportunity to influence maintaining these habits. Dental visits for children should occur within six months of the first tooth eruption. Cavities can occur as soon as teeth appear, so getting started early is key to healthy smiles. Please join HCPHES as they continue their “Brush 3” campaign, educating all to brush their teeth, gums and tongue.

Children with better oral health tend to have the following:

· Fewer Missed Days of School: According to the American Dental Association 1/3 of missed days of school are due to dental issues.

· Better Grades: Poor dental health can lead to poor academic performance.

· Good Overall Health: Bacteria in the mouth can also spread to the body and eventually contribute to heart disease, stroke and more.

· Better Self Esteem: Children can eat better, talk better and even smile more!

If you are interested in providing this information to any of your students we have:

· “How to Brush 3" coloring sheet that can be copied and sent home with students

· Brush 3: A Guide for Parents hand out, that can also be copied and sent home to parents.

· Tooth brushes for students (Grades 2-5) are available but limited in

number... first come, first serve

We know that teaching children the basics: brush for two minutes twice per day, floss every day, eat sugary foods in moderation and visit the dentist regularly for checkups will help us accomplish healthier children, one smile at a time.

Superheroes Headquarters!

What's Under Your Cape?

*Service *Unconditional Love *Perseverance *Empathy *Respect *Honesty


*Responsibility *Obedience *Encouragement *Self-Discipline

· Thank you Amanda Flores from the kindergarten team! You are always helping out and filling in when we are short a teacher. We appreciate you very much!