5th Grade Here We Come!

How in the World Did They Grow So Much!

Presenting Your 5th Graders!


Thank you for the privilege of teaching your wonderful children this year! I hope they learned as much as I did and had some fun along the way. Okay, a lot of fun. We laughed and cried together and grew so much as learners that I continually found myself in awe of the work they produced. I am confident they will be able to seamlessly transition into 5th grade and their teachers will be impressed with the skills they have honed over the year.

To those who will be returning next year I look forward to seeing you and your children in Crozet and at Brownsville. And I bid a sad farewell to the Radios, the Barredos and the Stems as they embark on new chapters in their lives in new places. You have all been incredibly supportive and generous with your time and resources this year in supporting your students and this class.

Have a wonderful summer!

David Foreman