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Happy Weekend!

Good morning to you all and happy three day weekend! I really hope you all are able to bunker in today and keep clear of the roads. It looks like a total doozy out there! If you have to travel, please be safe.

Another week has come and gone in The Bat Cave and your kiddos continue to surprise me, impress me, and inspire me. Their writing has really taken off and our love of and excitement for reading has grown. We began a lot of new things this week, and I wasn't really sure what they would think about all of it. On early release, however, it became very clear to me that they were enjoying these new things when a kiddo started questioning me as to why we were not doing writers' workshop <gulp>.

Reminder: next week is a three day week. Kiddos have no school Monday and Friday.

I was also reminded that I have not sent home January reading calendars! You got me! All apologies - I will send them home on Tuesday. Please just keep track of your kiddo's reading on another paper and on Tuesday you can transfer the data over.


Jan 18th - NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr. Day

Jan 20th - School Board Meeting @Memorial School 6:30pm (in the Art Room)

Jan 22nd - NO SCHOOL

Jan 28th - Kindergarten works with Outdoor Classroom Staff

Feb 10th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Feb 12th - Winter Carnival

Feb 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 15th-19th - NO SCHOOL - Winter Vacation

GUM. We will be using gum as a tool during our writing time. If you would like your kiddo to use this tool, please send in a pack with your child's name on it. Please make sure it is just regular chewing gum. Bubble gum will not be used. If you choose not to send gum in (which is totally ok), then your kiddo will not be chewing gum. Thank you!

A note about Valentine's Day: The Bat Cave has never really done a "party" per se. I have always tried to focus on friendship with this holiday, so our "party" will be a friendship celebration. We will do the usual snack as with every day, so whoever ends up with snack duty on the 12th, please refrain from sending in anything sweet or treat-ish.

We will exchange valentines with one another on the 12th as a part of our friendship celebration. Just so you all are aware, any treats that are attached to valentines will not be eaten in our classroom. I will leave those decisions up to you all and you can monitor what your child can or cannot have. I know in the past, tattoos, pencils, and stickers have been highly coveted.

Stay Warm!



The Literacy Lowdown

New Tool Alert!

Writing folders are HERE!

Our writing folders are going to help us be organized in our writing. There are two pockets: one with a red star and one with a green star. The red star pocket is for our writing that we're working on. The green star pocket is for writing we feel is done.

You will see dividers in the middle of our folders. In these pockets you will find: our Heart Maps (when we get stuck and don't know what to write about, we refer to this page), an ABC chart (for when we need reminders about letter sounds or letter formation), and our very own Personal Word Walls (for sight word that are up close and for words that are student specific and pertain to current writing stories).

You will also find the writing process charted out (the blue boxes). We have not yet begun using this part of our folder, but eventually, each kiddo will be using sticky notes to plot exactly where they are in their story.

This week focused on using partners to help revise our writing and going back to stories we thought were done and asking questions like "where?", "when", "why", and "who?".

We also added to our "when you think you are done" chart. We can now go back to old writing!

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Center Work

Our Literacy centers this week focused on winter words, sight words (it and is), beginning sounds, rhyming, and listening to reading comprehension. Kiddos did a wonderful job on making sure they completed all centers throughout the week!
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Book Boxes are in the Cave

We continued our read to self practice, growing our stamina, to help us become stronger readers. To help us with this time in our day, we now have book boxes. Book boxes are completely individualized to each kiddo and where he/she is at. These boxes will hold leveled books selected by me, sight word readers that will help to reinforce sight word recognition, letter sound and blending books, and two self selected books from our classroom library. Kiddos will have a chance to "shop" for books weekly and change out their self selected books. The leveled readers will be switched out by me - again, depending upon where kiddos are at on the spectrum of reading will determine the level of book. The sight word readers will come home at the end of each month - and then you can listen to your child read at home!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Finally, we spent some time learning about who Martin Luther King Jr. was and why he was such an important American hero for many. We read the story Martin's Big Words. I did edit some of the words in the story as I felt they were a bit too much for kindergarten. We were able to have a great classroom discussion about fair and unfair and we used our Scholastic Let's Find Out to further our learning.



The super spotlight was on Miss Ellie this week! We met Ellie's mom, learned about Ellie's favorite color and her little brother, and improved our estimating skills!

Full Name: Ellie Karen Robinson

Ellie has one little brother (Cole) and zero sisters. Her favorite color is violet. Her hobbies include coloring, swimming, and playing outside. When she grows up, Ellie wants to be a mommy and a babysitter! Her favorite things to do in kindergarten are Art class and read to self time (be still my heart!!) Ellie believes she is good at puzzles and rhyming!

Thanks for a great week Super Ellie!

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The Math Minute


Literacy isn't the only part of our day where we use tools (I think you all probably know that by now!) We have started using an interactive word wall in math. It's interactive because kiddos can take the math words down and bring them back to their working spot, use the word/picture, and then put the word back on the wall. This has come in very handy this week. The words on our wall at the moment have to do with shapes and their attributes (like sides and corners). We did learn another word for corners that older kiddos use and that word is vertex.

I have included a video (warning: it repeats a lot) that shows you the song we learned this week about a few of the shapes we are responsible for learning. The chorus of the song is something we didn't learn, but the main verse (that repeats and repeats and repeats) is what we've been singing and moving to. I also wanted to you hear the tune.

Shapes Song - Shapes Songs for Children - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Shape Monsters

Part of the expectation in kindergarten geometry includes being able to use shapes to make other things, so we completed our shape monsters this week. After they were done, we took a step back and looked at all the shapes we used, we counted them, tallied them, and then took that information to create a graph. Each of our monsters are very different, but we all used the same shapes!
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MONDAY - No School

TUESDAY - Olivia


THURSDAY - Owen's Birthday Snack!

FRIDAY - No School