Davies Dragon Pride Newsletter


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Students of the Month

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Congratulations to (front row) Dylan Collins, Mia Gonzalez, Tiffany Higginbotham, Abigail Thompson, Heather Harding, (back row) James Williams, Jacob Ruchser, Ah'Miyah Harris, Julianna Figueroa, and Geovanny Feliciano (not pictured).
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Congratulations to (front row) Dominic Birch, James Baltz, Lauren Liberty, Donnalyn Alcantara, (back row) Isaiah Watson, Yonis Ochoa Ozoria, Austin Hall, Erin Owens, Logan Skinner, and RaMar Neely Wilson (not pictured).
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Congratulations to (front row) David Sampedro, Billy Do, Sydney Groen, (back row) Juan Rodriguez, Asembo Augo, and Breanna Miller.
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Box Tops

Thank you to Mrs. Caporale's class for bringing in the most Box Tops. Mr. Trackman, thank YOU for providing breakfast as their prize! #Teamwork
Davies Got Talent

Photo credits: Mrs. Stephanie Wroniuk and Mrs. Beth Steinen

Boys BBQ

Photo credits: Mrs. Kim Mattina

Lip Sync Extravaganza

Video credits: Mrs. Beth Steinen

8th Grade Dinner Dance

Photo credits: Mrs. Beth Steinen

6th and 7th grade Field Day

Thank you to the Hamilton Township PTA for supporting the 2017 Field Day. The kids had a blast! Photo credits: Mr. Santilli, Mrs. Mattina, Mrs. Steinen

8th Grade "The Cove"

Photo credits: Mrs. Beth Steinen

2017 8th Grade Celebration Ceremony Slideshow

Photo credits: Ms. Kelli Costello, Parent Nicole Mlynarczyk, SRAO Art Faden, and Mrs. Beth Steinen

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Band and Choir Highlights

  • The Band & Choir performed at the NJMEA state music festivals held at Rowan University in the Spring of 2017. Each group received SUPERIOR ratings!
  • Our Swing Kids Jazz Band performed at the Mainland Jazz Festival in April 2017 receiving a Silver Medal Award.
  • Ten soloists performed at the Atlantic County Teen Arts Festival on May 24, 2017, in Hammonton.
  • The 8th Grade Graduation Choir performed at the 8th Grade Graduation Exercises in June 2017.

The following students were honored at the May 23rd Board of Education Meeting for earning membership in the region choral and band ensembles:

  • Emma McErlain, Jonah Telesca, Evelyn Husta, and Billy Willman who performed in January as members of the 2017 South Jersey Jr High Honors Chorus.
  • Rachel Bustard, Grant Johnson, Justin Haye, Nathan Mangold, Samantha Kye, and Alexi Phommathep who performed with the All South Jersey Jr High Honors Concert Band in March 2017.
  • Ella Wardell, Lauren Waldron, Angelica Bonilla, Katelyn Kusnirik, and Griffin Ross who performed as members of the 2017 Elementary Honors Festival Chorus in March.
  • NaaKwama Ankrah, Madison Ventura, Yvonne Buason, Tiffany Higganbotham, Kate McAvaddy, James Guido, Michelle Esochaghi, Winter Jones, and Pharah Clark who performed as members of the 2017 Elementary Honors Concert Band.

Student Council

Congratulations to the new officers of Student Council!

President: Peter Parlagreco

Vice-President: Sara Duran

Secretary: Hannah Derringer

Treasurer: Katelin Kusnirik

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"Youth In Government" Day

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Students Amaziah Bradshaw and Natalie Napoli with the Hamilton Township Police Department.

Students Working in the Garden

Photo credits: Mrs. Morrison

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Congratulations to 7th grader Tess Petrongolo for winning the Atlanticare Healthy Schools "Hydration" poster contest!

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School Spirit Challenge

The William Davies Middle School won 2nd place in the Hamilton Mall's School Spirit Challenge. Thank you to our HTSD community for bringing your mall receipts to the customer service desk each and every time you shopped; we appreciate all of your effort! Save your kitchen renovations (Sears) and other big ticket items to purchase for September and we'll be sure to win 1st place next year.
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Congratulations to Vanessa Lee, Andrew Matchett, and Nathan Ranger

who won the Cape Atlantic Conservation District's Healthy Soils Poster Contest.

NJHS Pop Tab Collection

The William Davies Middle School National Junior Honor Society, in association with sixth grader Makenzie Gallagher, is collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House (a non-profit organization). By collecting and then donating these tabs, the Ronald McDonald House is able to give them to a recycling company and receive money. With this money, they are able to provide free housing for families who have sick children while their children are in the hospital. Pop tabs are generally found on soda cans. However, they accept tabs from energy drinks, soup cans, and anything with a metallic tab. It is an easy way to support the worthwhile cause of the Ronald McDonald House. PLEASE KEEP COLLECTING THIS SUMMER! #Makenziestrong
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Documents for 2017-2018 Athletics

Click on the links and print out the documents. Please use Summer to get everything done, and you will be ready to play in the Fall!

Penn Relays

Health and Wellness

Congratulations to Mrs. Hayden and Mrs. Winkler for winning the 2017 Atlanticare Healthy Schools Wellness Challenge. This was the second year in a row that #TeamHayWinks won! Twenty-one staff members participated this year and lost a combined total of 142 pounds.
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Free Things Middle School Kids Can Do This Summer

1. Get a job: dog walking, mowing lawns, weeding gardens, cleaning out garages, babysitting, lifeguarding, do extra chores around the house

2. Volunteer: read to the elderly, clean up at the animal shelters, clean the beach, collect old toys from your neighborhood to donate

3. Learn an instrument

4. Form a band

5. Join local theatre: act, or be part of the crew

6. Train for a 5k, or longer!

7. Weight train (come back STRONG in the fall)

8. Write a book

9. Write music

10. Watch all of the old Hitchcock movies

11. Paint, sew, draw, build

12. Sell your crafts on Etsy

13. Make treats and bring them to the local police station or firehouse

14. Grow a garden

15. READ

16. CODE

17. Listen to an audiobook.

18. Go roller skating

19. Get First Aid certified

20. Perfect your freestyle stroke

Healthy Tips for Healthy Living

1. Keep your screen time down to 2-3 hours each day.

2. Wear sunblock (at least 30 spf) every time you go outside for longer than 15 minutes, and reapply at least every 2 hours.

3. Drink plenty of water (half of your body weight in ounces).

4. Always swim with a friend.

5. Get enough sleep, about 8 hours each night.

6. Socialize in person.

7. Enjoy your summertime treats, but in moderation.


There are dozens of different kinds of scholarships available for middle school students. Click here to see what might best suit you.
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