The Change in Amercian Society

By Dillon Waters

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Economic Affect of WW1

The bad part of World War One is that it created a great depression in the United States. It made it hard for the troops returning home to find jobs to support their families. The country as a whole was in a slump that was very difficult to come back from.

Political Affects on World War 1

A polticial affect of World War 1 was the Treaty of Versaillie. the Treaty of Versaillie was signed June 28 1919. The Treaty stated that Germany would take full responiblity for the war and would give up their land as well as pay 422 billion American dollars. The only country that didnt sign the treaty was the United States. The United States didn't sign the treaty because congress did not want to pay for the headquarters of the league of nations.

Social And Cultural Affects of World War 1

World War I had important effects on society as a whole. The television series The Great was affected this time as a whole. This program does a good job of showing how World War One disrupted the time and the people as a whole. The war gave a high increase in progressive thinking. In many parts of the world, opportunities for lower and middle class people improved.
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The Great War (BBC 1964) 01of26 - On The Idle Hill Of Summer
As a whole I believe that the United States should have stayed as a isolationist country like how George Washington first tried to explain while he was serving his presidency. Our country worries more about what happening in other countires rather than worrying about the people living inside of it.

political progressive

Political factors for this era helped create a better democracy for everyone in the united states. Like how women were given the right to vote August 18, 1920. This gave equal rights to every American over the age of 18
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Progressive era economic

The United States went threw the great depression during the progressive era. The reason was the fact the United States stock market had hit a all time low. Over 15 million people were unemployed and 30 percent of the workforce had lost their jobs. This slowed down the process of the United States.
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social proggressive

During the Progressive era, a overall crime rise occurred because everyone was trying to or steal drugs or alcohol. Also because of urbanization the more people in a populated area the more crime it will create.
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Urbaniziation Poltical Factors

With more people moving into the big cities more people voted. Only because politicians bribed him with a place to live a job and food to eat. Just like in the movie "Far and Away", where a poor Irish immigrant had nothing so a politicians gave him a house,food and a job but the catch was he would have to vote for him when it came to election time.
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Urbaniziation Economic Factors

Urbanization brought many different elements to the economic side of the united states. As a example in brought over a million people into Chicago over a 10 year period. With more people that means small business get more profit which helps them expand to create more jobs for low income Americans. With more jobs and more people willing to spend money this helps the economy grow after a devastating blow like the great depression.
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Urbaniziation Social factors

A Cultural change in urbanization is that it goes from being about small villiages and cities to large over populated areas. Over 30 million people migrated from their small town to a larger city because of one reason work. The Industrial revolution was taking place so people wanted the ability to find a job to support a family.
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Immigration Political Factors

Immigration is a big factor in being American. While some people that travled from areas like Ireland and England only had to wait 4-5 hours to be let in the country at Ellis island. While at Angel Island the Chinease Immigrants had to wait two week to six months. I find this overall awful because everyone should be given equal rights.
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Immigaration ecomonic factors

Immigrants come and they are willing to the jobs that no one else chooses to do which I respect because you have to be willing to sacrifice everything in order to provide for the ones you love. After the great depression the amount of immigrants in the united states went from 3.5 million to 9 million. Most of the people coming to the united states were Irish because of the Irish potato famine. Another ethnic group wanting to get into the united states was the Chinese because they were willing to help build the railroads over 15,000 Chinese worked for the transcontinental railroad. But after 1914 the amount of immigrants coming to the United states dropped because of World War 1.
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Social/ Culrutal immigration factors

Most immigrates come to America because of the " American Dream", which means you can do anything if you just out your mind to it. Immigrants help keep that cultural alive because all Americans are a immigrant in some way or fashion.
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Imperialism Political Factors

Countries like USA and Soviet union both were used in the cold war as a government puppet while the war was actually taken place in Latin America. Today situations like that are called proxy wars.
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Imperialism economic factors

A economic factor of imperialism is the time where the countries of more wealth came to power because they took over smaller poorer countries that couldn't defend for themselves.
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Imperialism social factors

Imperialism brought people from the same ethnic groups closer together. For example china town in New York. China is like a little china where people in that are only speak Chinese and share Chinese culture.
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Industialization Political Factors

The industrialization era helped bring the united states into becoming a global economic power. The sad thing was that a lot of the wrong people got called into government roles because they were giving people homes and jobs in exchange for votes.
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Industialization Economic Factors

During this period of American history the economy was at its all time best because immigrants were working and bringing things back from their home countries. Also the united states started charging tariffs. Tariffs are a charge on imported goods. Another example is that a new business model was being created called the modern corporation
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Industialization Social/ Cultural factors

A social change in the industrialization era was the fact that people lived in tenement housing. A tenement house were apartments that barely meet the minimum standards of safety, sanitation, and comfort. A tenement house had usually a family living in a one to two bedroom apartment.
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I believe that this time in the United States society we should be proud of what we have accomplished. During these times we as Americans have changed the way people look at the world. We gave people hope and pride that they can become and do anything they want. To most immigrants the United States is their heaven and that's something we as americans