The Dangerous Flood

by Mason F. 6th

Crack! No one saw it coming. Within seconds the whole town came sprinting down the streets as the huge wave came zooming behind them. The massive tank fell bursting and spewing their precious molasses everywhere. Surprisingly deadly, it washed over the North-End of Boston. The Boston Molasses Flood is unknown to many people but it was very tragic.

The confusion began. Many people thought it was a terrorist attack. Others believe the cause was the extreme raise in temperature. The wave, estimated to be 15 to 30 feet high, raced through the streets so fast that no one could outrun it. It killed 21 people and injured over 150, also many horses couldn't get out and were shot. Afterwards no one took the blame so Purity Distilling Company was fined over $1,000,000 for the damages done to the town.