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Diocesan Social Ministry Conference

This is an important conference for Catechetical Leaders, Youth Ministers and Parish Staffs!

Register today at the link below!

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People of Hope

Join The Diocese of Bridgeport's Institute for Catholic Formation, for a 31-day (virtual) formation event in May to learn more about your faith, find tips for raising faith-filled children, discuss how the pandemic has changed our Church, and much, much more. Throughout the month, there will be a series of online workshops, keynotes, and webinars. These workshops will feature more than 60 topics from a wide array of speakers. All events will be held online and are free to attend. Preregistration is required for each week. For more information, click the button below.

National Youth Advisory Council Being Created!

The National Youth Advisory Council is a diverse group of young people that will integrate their voices and gifts into all work and ministry of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM). The council will be comprised of up to 12 young people and 4 adults, including Project Chair, plus 2 ex-officio (Strategy Leader and NFCYM staff liaison). For more information and to nominate a young person, click the button below.

New Resources on the Human Person & Gender Ideology

There have been some requests recently for resources on the human person and gender ideology that is grounded in our Catholic faith. We have complied some resources and added them to the E&C SharePoint under "Resources for Parish Ministry Leaders". You can go directly to the resources by clicking the button below. We pray that these resources will help you as you walk with families that may be personally touched by these subjects.

Empowering Young People to Respond to World Events

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) is providing resources to help us empower young people to respond to world events, focusing on best practices as well as how we talk about conflict with our youth and empower them to take action. To check out these resources, click the link below.

Excellent Training Opportunity from Lifelong Faith

Try out one of these incredible new FREE courses from Lifelong Faith's Video Training Series.

Active Learning Kits Now Available in Our Lending Library!!

Contact Leslie for Prayer Stations, Games, Icebreakers, etc!

Catechist Formation Videos for Your Training Use!

Catechist Formation on Creating and Leading Prayer
Catechist Formation Session (Afternoon)- 4.27.22

We Need Your Photo Skills

We have begun work creating a series of Social Media posts around the Eucharist for upcoming Eucharistic Revival. The posts will fall under six categories:

  • Postures, Gestures, & Actions
  • Tour of the Church
  • What we use for Mass & Eucharistic Adoration
  • Parts of the Mass
  • Unheard Prayers at Mass
  • Liturgical Seasons, Feasts, & Holy Days

All said, we need a TON of photos to accomplish this. The full list of posts/photos we need can be found at:


If you can provide photos of any of these, our goal is to have images from across the Diocese. They will be formatted to all be the same (looking like the one below) and accompanied by text explaining. Photo credit will be given in the post. Just email them to Don (donald.smith@dor.org). He will update the spreadsheet so everyone can see what posts have images.