Extended!!! Survey open to May 6th

Your point of view is so important we'll give you more time!

The Annual School Advisory Council (SAC) Survey is available and we really need your input!


This is a very important tool that assists the Administration in making a variety of decisions from financial spending to school policy on a wide range of issues from technology to safety. Your answers will play a critical role in shaping the future of Windy Ridge and the decisions that are made by the Administration and Staff.

You may have a few questions….

Q. Didn’t I just fill out a survey?

A. Yes, but that was the district-wide survey developed by OCPS to look at the entire school region, including Windy Ridge, but by filling out this survey, you can give us answers that give us feedback specifically about our school.

Q. What is done with the information I give?

A. Previous year's survey results have revealed that you thought:

- Our top strengths are our excellent teachers, our academic rigor and our sense of community.

- We have opportunities to improve communication and there are plans in place to do just that...all based on this survey!

Q: Is this survey confidential?

A. Yes! Your answers are entirely confidential.

It's easy and fast!

Just click here to participate in the survey.

You can also find the survey on-line at the Windy Ridge Home page.

We've extended the survey till May 6th, 2013 so please take just a few minutes to complete it.

The results for our children are priceless!

Thank you.