Child and Parent communication

How to communicate as parents or children.

Research Questions

  1. How do you effect the person in the situation?

  2. How do you know how the feelings are affecting the person?

  3. how will you deal with the situation?

  4. What is causing the problems?

  5. how can you help the kid?
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Summary Of Reserch

The cause of child/parent communication is because parents might not understand what the child is trying to say.Some people think ̈scolding children make them better ̈ but It did not do what they thought it would do.Sometimes it makes the child sit in there room and think about why they are alive but it can change if you stop scolding children unless necessary. ̈Respond in a way children will understand ̈ if you do not they might respond with a question that could scar ou for life.If they don’t understand they might jump to conclusions like ̈ my parents hate me ̈ or why must they hate me so much ̈.If you understand the concerns of your children especially bullies.If a child is concerned that he/she is going to get hurt or worse find out who it is what he is doing and call the school.The principal can solve the problem between them.If it starts to happen daily you should speak with the principal about it.If it starts to get physical contact involved speak with local authorities.If that did not work try the best thing use your parenting skills to work out what is wrong and tell the child how to avoid the situation.