What are GMOs

They are genetically modified organism created to help crops bacteria, insects, and disease by combining certain genes from other organisms. The genes generally improve the problems the gene had before like freezing or disease.

Benefits of GMOs

  • Provides crops resistance to most things that will harm them.
  • Greater crop production & end to starvation
  • Better nutritional value
  • Can last longer on the shelves of stores
  • Less pesticides and herbicides have to be used on crops

This means that it easier to produce leading to less starvation and horrible chemicals in the product. It will even give more nutrients and vitamins leading to a healthy life stile. It basically exports more healthy products.

Downsides of GMOs

  • Some question the safety of consuming them as their are few tests on GMOs
  • Cross pollination could create super weeds and hard to kill insects
  • Problems, like cross pollination, can cause great financial losses

GMOs cause farming problems making harder to kill pests. These problems cost large sums of money and the cost for research on GMOs is great as well. Many people are concerned due to the fact that it is unknown how safe GMOs are.

My Opinion

GMOs are completely fine health wise, which is most people's concern. There is no evidence that there is any harm to the human body ,in fact, it provides better nutrients. It allows more crops to be produced helping end starvation. The bad parts about GMOs do not affect the common person so there is no reason to avoid them. It should not be labeled if a product is a GMF since the health risks are the same as regular food. In my opinion GMOs have a positive affect since there is only a pathetic rebuttal against this idea.


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