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Counselor's Corner for the Week of Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd

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Happy Tuesday!

I just want to thank all of you for being so kind and helpful as I've begun the year at Klein Road! It has taken me a minute to get my footing, but I think I've finally emerged on the other side of the piles of paper on my desk!

Looking Ahead...

October is BUSY!

Classroom guidance will start next week. I'll have the schedule out by the end of this week. If there are any specific needs for your classroom, please let me know.

Monday, October 5th: To kick-off bully prevention month, Monday is Blue Shirt Day: World Day of Bullying Prevention (Stomp Out Bullying). Please wear blue on Monday!

Tuesday, October 6th: For Fire Prevention Week, the Fire Department will be doing a puppet show for Pre-K - 2nd Grades at 1:00.

Digital Citizenship Week: October 19th - 23rd

October 21st: Unity Day (Unite Against Bullying) - Wear Orange

Red Ribbon Week is October 26th-October 30th: Information will be coming out this week!

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Career Cruising (2nd - 5th Grades)

To follow-up from the information that Stephanie Ferguson provided about the new program being used by the district:

You will have all of the career cruising login information for your students in your boxes. Please make sure that everyone has a card - if a student does not have a card, please send me an email with their name. I will get them added into the career cruising program and they will be a proud owner of a lovely blue card with their information. This is the same information that they will be using their entire academic career at NBISD.

I will be taking students into the computer lab to introduce the career cruising program. There have been some issues with the platform, but those issues were fixed (I hope!).

If you would like to try out the program, go to: These are the demo logins and passwords:

2nd Grade:

username: kbriggs password: kb1414

3rd Grade:

username:DemoUS password: demo

4th Grade:

username: 61578_pink66 password: pink66

5th Grade:

username: Brazil password: 123456

I will be sharing the resource folders that were sent. I will be putting a document with the demo logins in the folder in case you want to try out different units.

Let me know if you have any questions about the program!

Kim Scott

Group Counseling

I will be putting a form in your box regarding group counseling. I will need the forms returned no later than Friday. Once I receive the forms, I will send home permission forms. Thank you for your help with this!
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